The Defiant Wizard

items are either Wizard or Jasper from Warrior/Rogue. Item Quality is 25%. all have Defiant (1) and either +100% ED or +200% WD. all are level 100. Storm Skill used for comparison. Element is Arcane. no other damage influences.

Ragnarok - Sword - +200% WD - Storm = 90.0k damage per hit.
Mutiny - Gauntlet - +100% ED - Storm = 129.3k damage per hit.
Mutiny - Wand - +100% ED - Storm = 57.2k damage per hit.
Ragnarok - Staff - +200% WD - Storm = 133.9k damage per hit.

about 6 months ago, I wanted a Staff with Defiant and +200% WD. with Jasper and Rogue Chakram, I was able to make my build. recently, I wanted to use a Gauntlet with Defiant and +200% WD for a build, but it doesn’t exist.
as I was doing my research, I remembered that Gauntlet is the Wizards most powerful MH, and Staff is the next most powerful. so I wondered what the damage numbers looked like between the weapons with Storm, since I planned on using Storm in the build I am thinking of.
as you can see, Storm does 4.6k more damage when on a Staff compared to the Gauntlet.
another reason I was interested in what the weapon damage looked like, I wanted to see what has a good base WD for when I use Reflect Damage. it looks like I would get better performance with Reflect Damage using a Staff or Gauntlet, lower damage with a Sword, and a lot lower using a Wand as a base weapon.

here is a post for those of you who wonder what base weapon damage and DPS looks like before you start crafting your builds for PVE or PVP.

different Affix and Set combinations can make or break a build. so even though +100% ED skill makes Storm look weak on a Wand, Hero Points in Barrage and increased Attack Speed with Time Warp and Cosmic Power can make good use of the +100% ED, with Storm as an emergency fall back Skill if monsters get too close.