[The Flash Build][Bow][Rogue][Farming]

Guys , can you help me improve this build ?

This build is currently in progress, and my armor, i can’t think of best affix for that. But this build

  • can farm in 1k Floor super fast.
  • can deal lots of damage

Any suggestions masters ?

Points to ponder.

  • Must have too many crystals.

  • You are ready to waste many many crystals.

  • You must be creative to waste those Crystals.

  • You must experience 2k + M3 Floors before making perfect build.

  • When floor becoming too high enemies DMG, Defense, DMG Reduction becomes to high.

  • Dont be on a rush to waste precious crystals on low floors you will regret it.

  • Always remember AOE/Wide Skills Combos are better than soloist combos.

thank you sir. i have many crystals. farming is the one i love hahaahah

Good… :top::top::top::top::top:

Still best Element to use in high floors is Ice and better to use Frozen + Crushing Blow.

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can i use crushing flames too ?

That’s a good option too but it’s really up to you.

Using that Set Affix is up to you. But I guess the DQ World will get their headbang on the wall and screaming,



Try to expirement about Electrocution + Demonic it can help on high floors too.

Frozen + high DMG to elites + frostbiting 300% and then Electrocution if you deal stack debuff. Also crushing blow and demonic.

Electrocution on pure shock build or shock bleed also great with demonic.

Electrocution + crushing flames and high voltage as another idea.

Although I want to see a cool plagued build rise again . Plagued + Electrocution + Blight 300% or more , damage to elites % , possible high voltage , demonic, crushing blow.
Heck even a plagued frozen build or a pure plagued build.

Just crush flames everything for gg ez

Wahh, thabk you for your suggestions master. Haha i do have many items , and. Ican craft many items , and crystals, its just i dont know where to start . Hhaha

Yes, thanks, i will try demonic too. I just dont know what affixes can be good and to be a combo for that

I use frozen+frostbiting+explosion for pack size floor, it helps me to farm fast.

should i use two explosion or just one. i have 300% on armor and 400% in ring, is it good or do i need just one?

Explosion . Explosion. Explosion . I didnt use that Legend Affix because of small dmg portion :joy:

but can clear a large pack and can work together with frozen sets

How come you have momentum on bow?? Im sure its flintlock when you change the lance into rouge…or is it another item??

@Eater , Explosion - Megumin .

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Originally it is a vaccus scipio and the set is maelstrom , i deleted this using a crystal, then i change this using amethyst.

  • originally vaccus scipio bow

Yeah but can you re roll momentum set on amethyst??

@slimycucumber “Reroll” is not the proper term. “Change” is the term, yeah, you can change the set using amethyst.

YOu can get momentum by jaspering it to Warrior wep… and use amethyst to get momentum… and jasper it again back to rogue wep… @slimycucumber

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