The new Crystal & Mythstone Salvage / Convert system is much worse

Sorry for the harsh title to this suggestion. I just wanted to say that I really believe the new system for converting & salvaging crystals and mythstones is worse than before.

As it stands, we have two options: salvage/convert all of a chosen crystal (which I usually prefer not to do cause I like
to keep at least some), or scroll through the conversion numbers one a time which takes a lot longer.

Secondly, the Use Crystal achievement only procs once no matter how many crystals are converted in a single tap.

Please let me illustrate how this plays out in game with an example:

Say I currently have 1,000 Kyanite and I’m looking to salvage 500 of them into Larimars.

Unfortunately, both of my choices for doing so are not practical. I can either salvage all 1,000 at a single time (which penalizes me because if I did I would only get 1x super rare crystal from the Use Crystal achievement as opposed to 2 - 2.5 that I would normally receive; not to mention I said I’d like to keep some of my Kyanite) or I can scroll through the arrow one at a time to get to # 500, very slow process.

The problem is further magnified if I want to convert my said Kyanite into Diamonds cause then I’d have to do this all over again, imagine if I wanted to break them down even further.

Not only does salvaging all of a chosen crystal cost a lot of gold, but it leaves me without any of that crystal left and, worst of all, I lose all but 1 of my super rare crystal rewards from the achievement. And scrolling through 1 at a time is just brutal. :x

I know a change was requested to the system before, but can something else be done? Maybe we can hold down the arrow to rapidly choose the number we want to convert, or otherwise make it like it was before but instead of converting 40 at a time maybe let us convert 100. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

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Yeah. The achievements are a problem for sure when it comes to converting crystals and I did try and suggest a way to make sure it awards you more than once for salvaging crystals as I was too lazy to get the exact amount of crystals salvaged each time or converted each time to finish the achievement many times possible. Good point.

I hope the achievement can be revamped to be more fun or if not changed, at least detecting if it completes it more than once (but there might be limitations so I don’t know if it will happen) .