The only issue I've found so far

…and I have reported it directly to support but figured I’d see if anybody else here had the issue and at least you’d know someone reported it :smile:

I cannot purchase a character slot, I get the popup prompt (which also lacks the Amazon Coins option like other Fire TV apps have and I reported that too). I wanted to get another character going to hire, and was bummed that I couldn’t make the purchase. I selected the 0.99 option, hit the right buttons and… nothing.

So I did find a workaround, though. I downloaded DQ on my iPhone and logged into my account. I downloaded my existing character and then purchased a second slot and created a character there. I didn’t play at all with either because I don’t think I want to after using the controller on Fire TV which is definitely an awesome way to play. Anyway, I then uploaded back to my DQ account from the iPhone version. I then logged back into the Fire TV version and downloaded my account and it worked.

I’m kind of bummed because I had Amazon coins but luckily it is only 0.99 anyway. I hope we can make purchases (honestly I didn’t try any others, so maybe they work -but still no Amazon Coins option) with Amazon Coins in the future.

Overall this is REALLY nice on Fire TV and I applaud SB for bringing it there and getting me hooked!

By the way support was lightning quick and replied right after I posted this (so minutes after my email) which is great.

The Amazon Coins issue is something on Amazon’s side so I will report that and I hope if anybody else has the same issue they could please do so too? They probably will have no clue but apparently it really is on their side once the payment popup happens, so that’s that. Hopefully this is unique to me and I’ll get them to sort it directly.

I mainly wanted to point out that the Amazon Fire TV version of DQ is flipping amazing! It is a great way to play and if you have a Fire TV and you are reading this I really hope you’ve installed it and are playing. It is badass.

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