The perfect build ( pVe )

Before I post this I would rather ask the question. There are only so many affixes and items in this game so that begged the question what is the best possible build. How do we identify what best means? Best to me means how fast it can complete a map and how far it can go and also how strong it is, as well as how it survives. I would love to find out exactly what this is since it should exist . I’m going to assume the highest map ever gotten to legitly has the best build possible but what is it and can it get better? Feel free to comment , if this hasn’t been found out I would love to venture and research how to find out. Also I know this is very broad and open but you should get what I’m trying to say.


Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: I’m very interested in what you will post next.

Yeah it’s going to get real lol it might take a bit but I realized I can find out what the best build is for each class regardless of what map and what floor. Even if I dont even have the affixes or items I can still find out, of course I would love to make the build also. A lot of it would be luck also especially getting like a 30 percent dodge on an eternal drop

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The next question to ask is “what is the purpose of my pve build?” Is it to find nice things or to climb to the highest floor manageble or both ? You have 3 builds there . One is a treasure hunter, one a monster killing machine and finally the hybrid build :sunglasses:

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Yes but let’s disregard finding items and gold because in reality you can get any drop although the chances are .0001 on certain eternals with no luck equipped you can still get it. But on the other hand you cant just kill anything because you are “lucky” aka crit dmg or something. You catch my drift


A killing machine ? Well you need max damage avoidance ( block and dodge ) then max damage. Look up crushing flames.

Then you may need elements and epiphany set items too. :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:

after Patch 3.0 came out, players could basically use any Element or Element combination to reach high floors.

to move from start to Cartographer quickly for speed clearing Maps, movement is a priority. getting movement speed to +100% is a start. Teleport for Wizards, Vault for Rogues, and all kinds of Speed combos for Warrior. I guess a Build that can get to the Cartographer in 30 to 60 seconds or less and kill it is doing pretty good as a Climbing Build.

if you are going to really insane floor levels, Crushing Flames & Demonic and/or Execute DMG becomes King of Builds. no matter how much HP a monster has, it’s Health is going down fast! but because CF loses effectiveness as an enemies Health gets lower, the rest of the Build needs to be able to take down the last of the HP fast, or you get stuck beating down the last 10% of the HP over a few minutes. Frozen, Electrification, Plagued, Ascendant & Arcanist Sets are other Sets that are good for very high floors.

+200% WD on the Weapon doing most of the DMG, +100% ED on the other 5 items, 6 Elemental Crit DMG on your Equipment (make sure you have some kind of Elemental Crit, or ECD won’t work). then anything else that can boost DMG.

if you can do a high DMG/DPS Build for higher floors with a Warrior 100% Block Build, that should take you far. same for a 100% Dodge Build for Rogue (Perma Stealth). Wizard is stuck with either killing monsters before they get killed or using space for +60% to +75% Dodge & Block with Sanctuary for survival while monster hunting.

Note: Warriors & Rogues can still die with 100% Block & Perma Stealth Builds, just not very often if used correctly. using Sanctuary can reduce your deaths even more.

there was one player who said his Build was all attack and no defense. as long as he killed monsters first, he wouldn’t die.

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For wizard try skullshield and knights charge combo. Battlemage set

It’s very fast

Still I want to find the absolute best in every slot hence the perfect build. There is one out there for each class I just want to find out what it is.

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No such thing as perfection. You may as well chase rainbows.

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In a game of ones a zeros there is lol

There are only so many affixes and so many equipment builds available and one has to be the best there is no arguement about it. But to find out which is the question


@Mikeb120 to be honest, I have wondered about what a Perfect Build would look like. but I realized that in order for me to discover what a Perfect Build is, I would need to do a ton of Farming & Testing. because I would need to test every Class, Weapon, Skill, Talent, Nature, & Affix combination. I might be able to narrow down some of the testing parameters as I discover some of the better combinations.

looking at Climbing Builds, the problem with finding the best one is not easy. do you go all attack or attack & defense? if you can understand the formula for BWD &DPS and do the Math to figure out which combination of 42 affixes, Talents, Skills, Weapons, Mythics, Classes, & Natures gives the best results…not to mention the effects of the 5 Elements on top of everything else, you could shorten the testing time by doing the math first to look for the best combination before wasting lots of time farming & testing.

my first Character was a Rogue and did a few hundred DMG. I got my Wizard to do up to low hundreds billions DMG. and I am still learning more as I play. if you read the Posts in the DQ Forum, you know you can get into the trillions and quadrillions DMG, or even higher! and those quadrillion DMG Builds are different Classes, Weapons, Elements, Skills…

reading the original Post in this Thread, getting to the Cartographer as fast as you can without dying and killing it in 5 seconds or less is what you are looking for. I think to find a real answer to your question, you should start climbing floors and keep track of what works and what doesn’t. eventually you will have a Build that is Climbing Floors and can’t be change anymore because it is the best you can Craft. but it seems to me that the way Dungeon Quest is made, there might be more than one Perfect Build that can Climb very high floors.


Yes that’s exactly what I was trying to say golem

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:nerd_face::man_scientist: great minds think alike!

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