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Yes only diamond and larimar can be used on maps since 2.1 or 2.0

K, thanks for confirming.

Can we use larimar’s on legend maps? I’ve never tried

Havent tried either but i dont think it works because larimar says epic and normal affixes

Right, that makes sense. :smiley:

How do we use Emerald btw? It says improves item quality by 1% and i’ve tried using on numerous items, nothing changed lol

edit: Nevermind, after searching awhile I found it.
I can’t believe I never noticed the “Quality” line on an item all this time.

the higher % of quality the higher the chance you get a perfect stat … and for weps it boost dmg and for armors basically boost armor too

Blood Magic override everythang, qurl.

so u better choose the best resource system u prefer out of them all since u can only use 1 of them .

Does anyone know…

If you have Bloodmagic Mythic And Bloodmagic Set on your gear, will you gain twice as much % damage bonus from your missing health? So increased DMG of your missing HP by 80% + 80% =160%?

No they are exactly the same.

@JesusSaves i suggest if u really want dmg try using energy mythic useful and great dmg boost

Does Main Hand Mythics can be considered as a proc skill? (thinking if it will add up for Mayhem)

or let me rephrase…

Will MH mythics add +%dmg as proc for Mayhem affix

Yes MH and OH mythics are procs. As part of the upcoming update, A LOT of text changes are coming to help identify these kind of things.


Great! thanks!

I currently have about 10 enternal maps now my question is when and with what boost should i use them ?
:smiley: And should i prepare the enslaver quest to 99% so 1 enslaver would be enough ? :neutral_face:

Maybe with crystal/mythstone rarity boost and maybe item rarity and monster spawn, when completing mythic/enslaver feat.

With monster spawn you will have 100% pack size in stats (300% is max if a map has 100% packsize).

How does harmony work with bloodmagic?

it wont work bm

A really beginner question :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

By definition, how much bonus damage does a Critical Strike do without any (0) additional Crit DMG?

150% or 200% of normal attack.

I don’t know too.

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