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Sera que vale a pena ?

Clearcast gives 25% chance to cast your Spells for free. since you need 2 of them to get the Haunting Bonus to work, if they are Legend, then 50% cast Spells for free and have them instant cool down at the same time. with 2 Myth Stones, you can put them on any item, but you don’t get the instant cool down, and you get +100% damage. this takes up 3 spaces either way and no real penalty. if you used 2 Glasscannon, that would also give you +100% damage with 100% reduction in HP, so the penalty would be having 1 HP to have +100% damage, and this only takes up 2 spaces. if you did both of these, then you would have +200% damage, 1 HP, and 50% chance to cast spells for free, and it all takes up 5 spaces.


Dont forget berzerker and push the limit do the same thing but with different effects.
Also the effectiveness of glass cannon reduces for the second one, for example:
1 glass cannon, 5000 damage: 7500
2 glass cannon, 5000 damage: 10000
1 glass cannon, 1 push the limit, 5000 damage: 11500

By not using the same affix you gain a 12.5% boost to damage for free.


it looks like they are treated as separate skills or Sets, for example, for damage purposes. so if I had limited space, then I would go for 1 each. if I build around having 2 of each, even better. but I was tweaking items I am using at the moment, so no PtL, because can’t roll it with Ruby. wait, wouldn’t 1 of each equal 15,000 together? the 7,500 from GC + the 7,500 from PtL would be 15,000, versus 2 of the same would be 10,000 with either one? 11,500 isn’t as good as 15,000, and doesn’t seem like that is the way damage is figured in DQ.
hmm, ok, I took a look at Mid’s Damage Guide 2.5, and you are right, except 1 GC + 1 PtL = 11,250. in the end, I would probably try a 2 Glasscannon, 1 Barbarian, and however many Push the Limit I could fit into the build (yes, I am greedy like this), as long as I could handle the Resource restrictions placed on me with PtL and Barbarian. @TeaCup thanks for the reminder and sharing of great information.

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isso seria full damage !

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doing research on Blood Magic. in Patch 3.0, it says Blood Magic does 200% of missing HP damage. is that Flat HP or HP%? if I had 50k HP and it was lowered to 25k HP, would my next attack be 2 x 25k = +50k DMG or 2 x 50% = +100% DMG? before Patch 3.0, in the Codex Dictionary, Blood Magic does 80% of missing HP% in damage, so this is a big change.

I have a build in mind, and I would need a good amount of HP to make it work one way, and not as much to make it work the other way. thanks for help.

Edit: I found this post looking for something else, so I guess I found my own answer? Blood Magic does 200% of missing HP%. so if HP is at 50%, I would be doing +100% DMG until my HP% changed?

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I found another question.

as I was looking at some Rogue Skills and Legend items, I noticed that Stealth Skill doubles Dodge while activated. if I have Pathfinder Set (reduce damage received and increase damage done by +12.5% of Dodge per Rank) when Stealth doubles Dodge and I have +60% Dodge, does that mean that my Dodge is +120% and Pathfinder reduce/increase damage by the +120% or only the +60% Dodge?

Pathfinder (5) with Dodge +60% gives +37.5% reduced and increased damage. if Pathfinder works with the Stealth increased Dodge of +120%, that would give reduced and increased damage of +75% with Pathfinder.

this would be nice considering that Stealth reduces damage 50% while it is active.

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is this thread still active? if so, how can i reset my perks? i have ascended my rogue 2 times i think (red border) and i’d like to change my perks if possible.

You can’t reset perks.

is there a way to add more tho?

Yes. Asend more

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if i ascend my hireling, does the perk apply to the main as well?

No. Main only applies.

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Never ascend the hunter perk untill the last. You can just make a hunter mythic ring.

What affixes affect the explosive affix? Does it only take the MH dmg? Or is affected by elemdmg% as well?

Elemental critical seems to have an effect

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How does Discordance work in a Wizard Reactor Set? I’m planning to build a Reactor hireling and I’m undecided on what resource to use. I’ve seen builds here that uses Bloodmagic but I think Discordance is better to remove the cooldown of Orbs. But if I do use Discordance, how do I cover up the possible effects of PTL affix on the resource cost of Orbs. Should I use Aetherial Drain/Cosmic Power for that?

Discordance switches your MH Primary & Special Skill. so if you put the Orb on a Gauntlet, Blast would have the Cool Down, Resource Cost, & DMG of Orb. Orb would have the Attack Speed, Resource Cost, DMG, use of Multi Attack & Extra Attack Chance of Blast. so with +4 Multi Attack, you would have 1x 150% MH Orb & 4x 75% MH Orbs, and all 5 would be shooting Arc’s that do 12.5% per Rank of Reactor MH DMG every 0.5 seconds. with PtL & Discordance, PtL would be increasing the cost of Orb using Blast Costs. Legend Reduce Resource, MP Reduce on your MH Weapon, or Wisdom Nature are ways to make using PtL easier. Reduce Resource has a 60% Cap, and MP Reduce isn’t a part of that. but most people don’t use MP Reduce since it only works with MP and not Fury, Energy, or Blood Magic (not sure if it works with Blood Magic or not, since the resource is now HP and not MP). as long as you have the MP to cover the cost and a way to recover the MP as fast or faster than you are using it, you should be ok.


@Golem I accidentally played my dickwad PvP character in pvm tonight. It was weired. My permafrost bonus was deactivated because I only had one of the permafrost set. I had blood magic and harmony obviously. My health just regenerated constantly. Despite my magic power being zero I never ran out of enough magic power to cast spells at a fast rate. There is something I haven’t noticed because not all my PvP characters do that in pvm.

sounds like another one of those mysteries that need to be looked at concerning the differences between PVP & PVE.