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Sera que vale a pena ?


Clearcast gives 25% chance to cast your Spells for free. since you need 2 of them to get the Haunting Bonus to work, if they are Legend, then 50% cast Spells for free and have them instant cool down at the same time. with 2 Myth Stones, you can put them on any item, but you don’t get the instant cool down, and you get +100% damage. this takes up 3 spaces either way and no real penalty. if you used 2 Glasscannon, that would also give you +100% damage with 100% reduction in HP, so the penalty would be having 1 HP to have +100% damage, and this only takes up 2 spaces. if you did both of these, then you would have +200% damage, 1 HP, and 50% chance to cast spells for free, and it all takes up 5 spaces.


Dont forget berzerker and push the limit do the same thing but with different effects.
Also the effectiveness of glass cannon reduces for the second one, for example:
1 glass cannon, 5000 damage: 7500
2 glass cannon, 5000 damage: 10000
1 glass cannon, 1 push the limit, 5000 damage: 11500

By not using the same affix you gain a 12.5% boost to damage for free.


it looks like they are treated as separate skills or Sets, for example, for damage purposes. so if I had limited space, then I would go for 1 each. if I build around having 2 of each, even better. but I was tweaking items I am using at the moment, so no PtL, because can’t roll it with Ruby. wait, wouldn’t 1 of each equal 15,000 together? the 7,500 from GC + the 7,500 from PtL would be 15,000, versus 2 of the same would be 10,000 with either one? 11,500 isn’t as good as 15,000, and doesn’t seem like that is the way damage is figured in DQ.
hmm, ok, I took a look at Mid’s Damage Guide 2.5, and you are right, except 1 GC + 1 PtL = 11,250. in the end, I would probably try a 2 Glasscannon, 1 Barbarian, and however many Push the Limit I could fit into the build (yes, I am greedy like this), as long as I could handle the Resource restrictions placed on me with PtL and Barbarian. @TeaCup thanks for the reminder and sharing of great information.


isso seria full damage !


doing research on Blood Magic. in Patch 3.0, it says Blood Magic does 200% of missing HP damage. is that Flat HP or HP%? if I had 50k HP and it was lowered to 25k HP, would my next attack be 2 x 25k = +50k DMG or 2 x 50% = +100% DMG? before Patch 3.0, in the Codex Dictionary, Blood Magic does 80% of missing HP% in damage, so this is a big change.

I have a build in mind, and I would need a good amount of HP to make it work one way, and not as much to make it work the other way. thanks for help.

Edit: I found this post looking for something else, so I guess I found my own answer? Blood Magic does 200% of missing HP%. so if HP is at 50%, I would be doing +100% DMG until my HP% changed?


I found another question.

as I was looking at some Rogue Skills and Legend items, I noticed that Stealth Skill doubles Dodge while activated. if I have Pathfinder Set (reduce damage received and increase damage done by +12.5% of Dodge per Rank) when Stealth doubles Dodge and I have +60% Dodge, does that mean that my Dodge is +120% and Pathfinder reduce/increase damage by the +120% or only the +60% Dodge?

Pathfinder (5) with Dodge +60% gives +37.5% reduced and increased damage. if Pathfinder works with the Stealth increased Dodge of +120%, that would give reduced and increased damage of +75% with Pathfinder.

this would be nice considering that Stealth reduces damage 50% while it is active.