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greengarden have crit chance

Does the Hunter ring work if the hireling is wearing it?

What is the difference between a torrent and a twister?

Does Proc affixes also follow the cooldown of the spells before having a chance of activating again or it will activate on attack regardless of the cooldown?

It does not work if your hireling is wearing it.

Torrent gives 3 tornado like things that doesn’t move.
Twister moves sideways but has a taunt like effect.

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Please explain what taunt does, I read the description but didn’t really understand.

What is the difference between earthshatter and terrashaper?

Thank you for your help.

Regardless of cooldown. But proc chance is attack per second.

But for storn.

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Taunt pulls enemies within range.

earthshatter is a special skill of warrior.
Terrashaper is a set that has a chance on attack and on hit to proc earthshatter

I’m playing rogue and I have a cataclysm ring that has earthshatter and a legend pet that has terrashaper. How do those two things mesh?

And I’m bummed about the Hunter ring only working on main toon, can’t see myself giving up my cataclysm ring anytime soon.

terrashaper activates earthshatter when you get hit or when you attack.
earthshatter proc on your ring activates only when you attack.

@100kee @Emman Thanks for your help answering my questions. I have just one more for now.

Inferno, what does it mean that it increases the enemy DoT speed?

As I understand the Damage over time goes faster.

Example Fire DMG over 2 sec.
If speed is faster then it would be faster than 2 sec.

Is it possible to have a legend +2 multi attack in pvp? I thought on legend the most was a +2 which then scales to a +1.

Also, I’m confused about BM, I thought all mp was gone and everything is based on hp. But I keep getting a low mp warning in pvp when I have a half full hp bar. Please help me understand what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it.

Elemental critical-this is freeziing, toxic, shock, immolate and orbit. It does NOT include blight, blistering etc or +ice dmg +fire dmg etc. It only includes the first items I listed, correct? So if I don’t have any of those 5 affixes an elemental crit affix is wasted.


Anyone have any feedback for me on BM and the elemental crit?

So, speeded up it might only last for 1.25 seconds for example?

i will tell what i know for inferno at rank 5 as player usually only use set affix at rank 5 for each.
So for inferno at rank 5:
• Increase 50% fire damage, Increase DoT speed by 50% when attack with fire element for 4sec.

Skip that first ability to boost fire damage. For second ability it only work when u attack with Fire based element weapon. As u know fire damage DoT is per sec, So when u attack with fire element, For 4 sec your DoT damage will be per 0.5Sec. I dont know for this effect trigger for each 4sec on same monster or it will always renew the effect if do continuous attack.

So the DoT dmg I do to a monster will process twice as many times as normal because it is per .5 sec?

yep. 2 DoT tick in 1 sec.

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Should I be asking these questions elsewhere? Still learning my way around both the game and the forums. I’ve searched for the answers but didn’t find them. Any help is appreciated.

I just want to confirm if Multi-attack affects both primary and special skill of mainhand weapon or just the primary skill?

Primary MH only.