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I dont understand why anyone needs to say when there is a codex that devs have kindly spent their time to creat so that EVERONE has knowledge on ALL of these facts


im trying to find what those 7 deadly sin negative affixes do(and their opposite dependent affixes) but i couldn’t find them in the codex. anyone have a list?

Should be on Patch 2.1 Part 2. I’m updating the excel legendex currently. Should be uploaded sometime this week.

Hi admin, can I have a tutorial images for beginners? Sorry, I’m a newbie player of DQ and confused. I used Rogue, but I dont understand the how to set the mana.

You can do some back read for more info ^^

Refer to this to become acclimated with the game:

Typically, MP problems are solved with resource mythics. Read about them here:

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Do you need to have the Epiphany Set affix in order for the Epiphany bonus to take effect?

Of course

does set affix works when it is in my hireling?

depends on the affix

ohh forgot to write it, im asking about adventurer set affix

another question, i’ve read somewhere in the patch notes that the luck/gold find is still averaged and that the formula is somewhat like this total = min( 650, (main+follower)/2 +difficulty bonus), so i will only need 600% of stat for mythic 3 to get 650% for total luck/goldfind but it doesnt seem to be the case. my farm build is already at 700% luck but my total luck is just 575%.

Are you using a hireling? That’s probably why.

Hopefully this isn’t like Happy Feet… one pebble one question because I have several.

  1. Does Blight work with Regular Poison Dots or does it require “Toxic” to work? The reading on the ability says “Poison Cloud” and Toxic only produces a Poison Cloud. I wasn’t sure if the Poison Dot was considered a “Cloud”.

  2. The same goes for Immolate and Blistering as stated above for poison. Does Blistering operate on the Fire Dot or does it need Immolate to activate?

  3. Lately while clearing a map, there will be multiple “Ghosts” of the mobs I kill running around, either doing nothing or hitting me and I can’t hit them back. Where do these come from?

Thanks for your assistance.

@Flyzer, yes it does

@Knutz it does the same for all element. it needs element critical such as toxic, blistering for those to work

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So if I am understanding you correctly, in order to us Blight and Blistering you need Toxic and Immolate also on your gear, correct?

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The ghosts come from lag. Common on pack size maps. Is this happening in 2.1 or are you still running 2.0? I had hoped this was fixed in 2.1…

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I never saw it in 2.0 as I didn’t Map Crawl. Now that I need to farm CS, I am doing Maps. I have the new patch.

[quote=“Knutz, post:593, topic:2345, full:true”]3.Lately while clearing a map, there will be multiple “Ghosts” of the mobs I kill running around, either doing nothing or hitting me and I can’t hit them back. Where do these come from?

Same here, and it seems worse in 2.1 than before. I think the “ghosts” are just recently killed enemies that, for some reason, the game hasn’t fully marked as dead so they get to run around. My problem is that my hireling still targets them, even though they’re unhittable. On pack size maps, it’s a huge problem because I can quickly accumulate 5 or 10 ghosts following me around, and my hireling will spend all her time trying to kill them instead of the enemies that are still alive and dangerous. I usually wind up quitting the map, unfinished.

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