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ok. obviously you meant max to mean the same as current. thank you for the very obvious and clear answer.

Can anyone explain to me : Resource Cost ? Stat Cap ? What is that ?

resource cost is how much mana you spend to cast your skills. if you are using resource mythics, mana might be changed to a different resource. HP if using blood magic or energy/fury if using energy/fury mythic.

stat cap is the limit at which a certain stat or bonus is useful to you. for example: attack speed has a cap of 60% in pve. so if you have more than 60% attack speed worth of affixes on your gear, anything exceeding 60% will be useless to you. you can increase the stat cap, though, if you use the epiphany set.

How are crits calculated when it comes too dots? Can a crit hit during a dot and then to dot get the damage boost?

A crit chance happens when you attack/ use skills. Your damage output from that attack, crit or not, is th damage your Dot will be based from.

Yeah I get that part be see here’s the thing if crushing blow is checked at the same time crits are and crushing blow can be proced by a dot(I know this is true because I’ve tested it dot damage can crushing blow) then can a dot crit and is the chance for that too occur checked every time that dot does damage

Oh yeah, good point. I dont know the answer to that = ) What i’ve noticed is when the only damage you are inflicting to the enemy (by attacking once, applying dot and dont attack again) Dots have a chance to proc crit and crushing blow. However, Dots does not stack, so if you continuously attack and proc crit or crushing blow it’s kinda hard to tell if that’s from the recent attack or the previous one = ) WOuld love to find the answer to this as well ^^

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Ikr? It’s a really interesting mechanic I’ve just been having trouble testing it cause it’s so hard too get an enemy with enough HP on it’s own with no distractions just because of the nature of dungeon quest :grin:

anything that deal damage have chance to proc crit and crushing like primary attack, special, mirror image attack, multiattack, guidedshot homing second & third return, DoT etc.

Anything count as HIT can cause DoT like reflect damage, multiattack, terrasharped, overload etc.

DoT damage can cause crit and crushing blow but cant cause element crit (tested on ignis floor 200 boss) attack once with poison element and see the poison DoT tick havent see even once poison cloud spawn from the poison DoT.

DoT, The damage depend on the attack damage that cause it. As i remember DoT will use the highest damage that cause the DoT to happen, for example multiattack. let say the original attack deal 2k damage and cause 800 fire dot while multiattack only deal 50% original attack so it be 1k damage and cause 400 fire dot. The original attack will reach to target first followed by multiattack but the dot from multiattack will not implanted. the lower DoT after the higher DoT implanted will not happen or replaced but if the attack after original attack (previous attack for above example) is terrasharper/earthshatter deal 20k damage and cause 8k fire dot. it will replace that 800 fire dot.

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Thanks for the through response chronos :smile: and also thanks for mentioning the ignis bit I completely forgot that there bosses even existed and that they where easy targets for testing stuff : P

yeah that ignis is my lab rat lol.


Hehehehe yeah thanks for pointing him out I’m definitely gonna be doing the same from now on :grin:

Has anyone tried epiphany with 60% move speed? And if they have does it work (I’m gonna be testing it soon anyways but if someone knows I’m still curious)

Hi Im new player here what is EP8?? means?? only i know is floor… where can i find EP# ?

that old term of Difficulty lvl. Currently ppl use m1 m2 m3 thing to refer their difficulty lvl.

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can i craft some eternal items??

the 4 slot eternal weapon and headgear can be crafted. but only after adding a mythic and then adding epic affixes. you can change the nature(beryl), talent(citrine), and class(jasper) of eternal items, btw.


Is the gauntlet the highest damage base weapons for wizards, or do people just prefer gauntlets because of Mutiny’s default Defiance? Are any of the four weapons for the other two classes considered highest damage?

I’m mainly asking for crafting/mythic purposes. I really hope that the answer is “hammer” and “bow,” mainly because I like their primary attacks the most :kissing_smiling_eyes:

rogue = chakram has the highest base damage = 60
warrior = hammer = 75
wizard = gauntlet = 64
5 power = 125 damage
299 power = 7475 damage

note that damage from power stat can go much higher than your weapon’s base damage. so if you are going for a build with high power stat, you can pretty much ignore the weapon’s base damage and choose whichever has the best affixes. if your build focuses on mana or hp, then go for the weapon with the highest base damage.


Also, while Defiant is useful, people mostly use those items for the legendary (red) Elemental Damage affix.

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