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That is very good news, thanks for your efforts :blush:!! I didn’t want to start rolling before being absolutely sure… But block obviously is better for me if I don’t use any triggered effects on dodge, since I can get 45% here instead of 30%. Awesome :relaxed:

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Block can be put any piece of gear as long as it’s warrior, right? Like if I try using Obsidian on a Nadroji Amulet?

Edit: Ignore this question… I’m an idiot.

And another question: How can I make it to where my hireling warrior stops chasing monsters before they are able to be killed? I’m getting real sick and tired of his stupid self dying from Fury drops.

You can set his skills to never attack and set his range to stay as far away from enemies as he can, or make him stay within 1 yard of you.


what is the max for the killswitch affix in equipment?
how does killswitch work?
does killswitch stack with other damage bonus buffs?
how to reach quadrillion damage with bleed on pve?

What if I use epiphany on two characters, one on main and one on hirling.

Will it add up to 50% and the caps increase by 50%?
Meaning if I used epiphany 25% on dodge, max cap turns into 75% but if I used it on both characters, does the 60% turn into 90% (60+30% increase) or does the dodge stay at 75% and no more?

Just wondering. Thanks. Please answer this question if possible @f00kee and others who used epiphany.

No, it only increases the stats of the character it is on.

So I cannot get over 812.5% gold, thats a relief. Just the adventure page seem to mislead me when I tried epiphany on both characters because when I did I somehow saw 325% turn into 350% item drops even though it shouldn’t.

Also is it supposed to be 325% item drops after using epiphany. I thought 250% (new cap after epiphany)+100%(hidden item drops)=350% item drops.

Of course I can get 1012.5% gold and luck with fortunate but more with legend maps.

I have searched for the answer to this but nothing I can find so here it is. Can you eternal legend find go beyond 300% or is that the cap? I have treasured and when I put on crystalline gear the percentage didn’t go up in my stat’s

Eternal Find Rate and Crystal Find Rate are separate stats. One will not affect the other.
There is no apparent cap since the maximum attainable amount is 550% (5.5%). This is done with two equipped Eternalized/Crystalline items and All Sets +4 in combination with the Treasured park.

Thanks so much. I figured out why it wasn’t showing up in stat’s, it’s because I had it equipped on my hireling and it doesn’t count there at least on the stat’s page

I saw someone with Nadoji crown and Set affix of Faun’s Gift. How is that possible? I didn’t think faun’s gift could be gotten with crystals.

All affixes set affixes except for nadroji, mythical, crystalline, eternalized, defiant, maelstrom, mayhem, berserker, epiphany, masochism, seven deadly sins and smoke screen may be applied with the use of an amythest hope that helps answer your question :grin:

If my main character has inferno set on and my hireling has plagued set, will they affect eachothers dot dmg/dot speed.

For example if my hireling poisons someone and my main does fire dmg to it, will the inferno set on my main increase the dot speed of the poison effect that my hireling applied to the enemy?

I think Inferno only speeds up fire dot dmg, not poison dot dmg

^^^^^^^^^^^^ and a braaand, new car!

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Well the set just says that fire dmg speeds up Dot speed
And plagued increases Dot dmg based on enemies poisoned. Neither of the sets specify the type of dot which is why I am asking. Have you tested this?

Druidic actually specifies only poison dot dmg. But threes other two do not.

You can only inflict one elemental effect at a time, so the only DoT benefits you get with Inferno is with fire and bleed. Once you inflict poison damage the fire DoT terminates. The bleed (if any) will continue to tick, but Inferno’s conditions are not fulfilled making it useless then.

Thank you very much for that explanation as it was very helpful.

Just to clarify, when you say you can only inflict one dot at a time do you mean a mob can only have one elemental effect on them at a time? (As opposed to a hero only being able to inflict one at a time, meaning you and a hireling can each inflict one and have them both on a single mob)

Do the elemental effects you speak of include the increased dmg applied from shock or the slow from ice? As in you can only have one and they get overwritten?

Just as a side question, how exactly does the legendary affix ‘specialist’ work?

  • Does it actually cause your special attack to be cast or just make it free the next time you cast it?
  • Does it trigger from casting anything, or do you have to cast a special skill and it will trigger only that special?
  • can casting a MH ability cause it to trigger an OH special?

Thank you in advance. The community here is so great.

No. Whoever strikes last gets their elemental effect active and overwrites any previous one.

Yes. You may confirm this in-game if you have any Ascendent gear lying around, or some citrines to spare (wizard)

The second one. Specialist gives whatever special skill you use a chance to cast itself after a second. MH for MH, OH for OH, minus the casting animation. Meaning, when this triggers, your character/s can actually do something else

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