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Druidic armor and rage ring

It’s on the list (a very big list but on the list nonetheless)

As seen in the updated descriptions, yes they do count. Even for things like Recall and Reclaim.

Pistols by default have the longest range. They do not seek and bounce randomly.

The heroic skill for Richocet increases its range but yes, every “bounce” further increases the range by 50% of the previous bounce (up to 1.9425x normal default range and increased by 1% per Heroic Skill due to speed increase). However, each bounce goes in a random direction with a chance to bounce towards the enemy instead. The latter chance is increased via the Pistoleer talent.

It will still be 0%.

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Don’t know if this has been asked yet, didnt really want to scroll through over a thousand replies. But it says to post questions here instead of new post.

Gear. What should I be holding on to? (Rogue player) Should I hold on to every legendary? Should I just save eternals? What are the light blues, and why do the ones I have suck? Should I only build for one set until later in game?

I’ve only ascended once, and did it pretty quickly after 99. I’m at 84 now. Still new to game. But my packs are full of red outlined things that with my newbie knowledge I’m scared to throw away.

I guess I need access to an extremely good crafting guide, knowing how to use crystals correctly would probably save a headache. (I read somewhere you can take the elem affix like high voltage and put on something else…But if you just roll for the affix with a gem I can probably save some packspace)

Created by yours truly for just this matter.

This thread should be pinned. Very useful especially to new players.

Thanks, I skimmed it once already but was a little while ago and a lot went over my head then. I’ll re-read and maybe I can grasp it better now.

I’m also kind of looking for a list of super rare drops that you would be a tarded newb (like me) to have sold.

It’s in there as well, @Umbriel. :wink:

'tis pinned, @ralfh. Just not globally.

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i know this has been ans on other thread long ago but i just want to clarify.

does effective mythic ring stil significant even i already have ignore resist affix?

(imeant that is der still dmg boost from effective ring (switch to lowesst resist element) even u have ignore resist affix?)@clogon

Yes Effective will always give 25% DMG boost.


I’m trying to add an empty socket onto my weapon and it won’t let me, it says I can’t add it on to the weapon. The weapon I want to add it to is ’ Golem’s gauntlet of greed’ Does anybody know why?

Also how do I craft +5000 weapon dmg on to my weapon? Thanks

Also I found a legendary pet /w plaque affix. Do pet affixes effect your character or only the pet? Sorry im confused by the whole pet stats. Also there is a 2nd pet slot, but I can not put another pet in there?

if you can add empty socket it means the item already have 6 affix on it.

Topaz Crystal

Yes Plagued is a set affix. About the 2nd pet is that is epic, rare or magic pet?

What does thr Nadroji Bonus +100% Enemy Rarity really mean? Killing a normal mob gives you experience like you killed a magic mob, is that it?

The enemies that spawn are more likely too spawn as higher tier ones such as magic or rare enemies :smile:

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I’m assuming I can just remove one of the stats and then it’ll allow me to add a socket?

Is there a list of all the gems needed for each specific ‘socketed’ stat? Ie poison damage, blight etc?
Cool, the one I have is a hound (legend) , the one I have tried to also add aslong side this is a fairy (Tel lol ow).

Also thanks!

yes you can do it remove one affix then use zircon

socket stats not sure about this but maybe a mythicstone will do socket+mythicstone

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im changing my build to this blightswamp farming build, since I’ve done that no joke I’m getting almost 2 shot by lvl 200 :disappointed_relieved: I will admit I don’t have all the pieces yet and working on socketed gems. My hp is like 4k lol…

And I still can’t find how u put 5000 blight on an item. I’m such a bloody noob lol

@discodoggystyle u can put blight on an item using ruby affix (elemcrit dmg affix)

if u change ur wep to ice blight convert to frostbite if change to lightning it convert to high voltage. so as long as u got elemcritdmg affix u can switch build w/ any elemnt.

if u stil dont have ruby find gears w/ frostbite high voltage , celestial, blisterring , blught default affix (this are all elemcrit dmg if u change them to poison gearusi calcite it wil be come blight affix.
ucan put 5000 poison dmg using topaz find (5000+elem dmg affix)also if u change to other element the 5000ed dmg also change to its corrresponding element.

if u go higher floors even how high ur hp u stil die after 1-3 hit. (well in lower floors u can survive w/ high hp).

in higher floor dodge, block, santuary (kill b4
be killed) , ice element are option for wiz to survive.

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