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I placed points in vault and coat for movespeed.
Max ms from items is 50%,
Max ms from skills is also 50%,
Total 100% ms, am I right?
Really not clear for me how to get 100% ms.

Correct :slight_smile: .

Rightio. Also do you know where I would find nadrojin bonus affix please? Seems like it’s not dropping for me. Thanks

Mentioned a few posts prior.


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Nadroji Bonus affix is available on Chest and Head Nadroji parts. Kill Epic or higher bosses past floor 200 with at least Epic difficulty. Refer to your LegendEx if you forget where to get them.
I farm these on floor 201 M3. Spam the Shrines! :yum:

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What is the difference between the jewel and the armour please? I’m trying to copy a farming build by Griffin012.

Also does it matter where a certain affix is in your gear or just more important you have it?

Finally is there a cheap way of making affixes such as +%100blight, +5000 weapon damage and so on.

I am currently leveling my ascension and running floors, but also buying maps and increasing the pack size. The maps are good to use when leveling it seems, this is correct?

Many thanks guys, appreciate the info :heart_eyes:

Sorry I forgot to ask, can I move a set affix onto another item and how?

The armor is sought for it’s ED%, set, and bonus.

The amulet and ring is sought for the set and All Sets +2.

The affix itself is important, as long it’s not a bonus you’re looking for. It can be moved.

You can roll sets with the Amethyst crystal. It’s the second to last crystal.

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Do u think the bonus matters on a farming build?

I don’t wanna focus to heavily on the farming build, aslong as it’s semi ok, I wanna start saving for a much higher floor build.

I know which build to run for floors 200, blightswamp build. However, at what floor should I change this?

I’m just saving all my crystals atm for more of these.

If you can effectively fit Nadroji Bonus in your build, then do it.

Honestly, with your main goal being crystals and Mythstones, I’d climb to 500, and then run it on Very Easy with as high Gold Find, Luck, and Pick-up Results as you can, as well as Eternalized and Crystalline. Just experiment until you are able to do it without wasting time and money. I recommend a Rogue main with farming stats and move speed with a wizard using plagued, reactor, and as much damage and survivability that you can work into him.

It will seem difficult at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Keep shooting questions if you have them. :sunglasses:

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Sure thing.

I think I need too ascension 2 times before I run floor 500? I’m on my first ascension atm. But sure I will deffo do that very easy 500 with those stats. I hear you about rogue, but wizard is my no.1 love. Plus my rogue is only lvl 97 and my warrior is 98 or something. Maybe when I get bored of wizzy MERLIN! ABRAKADABRA! I intend to get them all up to that lvl :heart_eyes:

I really like the look of battle mage, is this viable at high floors? I just wanna have a build I enjoy, but make sure I don’t get creamed :joy:

It’s fine, I’m picking it up as I go along imo.

Thanks buddy :yum::kissing_heart:

I have a question about farming! hehe
Which is better?
2 toons with farming affixes but with just normal damage, or
Main toon with full farming affix build + Hireling with full damage build?

Not sure which to choose, my current duo is the first one and having hard time climbing to 1000+ M3. :sweat_smile: Should I move to 2nd option?

Anything is viable if applied correctly, @discodoggystyle

In my opinion, option two is much better. That way, you can speed through the floors and pick up everything while your buddy following you around just shreks everything.


Charmander wizard haha
Black Mage Charmander is ready for battle! * cue Final Fantasy SFX * :grin:

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Aryt. Thank you! Time to explode my crystal stash. :joy:

Glorious, copious amounts of crystals. Bask in it.

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Char char char! Glad someone likes it :smile: #wizards in every form ^^ kudos on FF, but the old ones are better :stuck_out_tongue:

@skaul, I’m using an air build for lvling atm but I’m really struggling for single target DPS. I kill packs quickly, but elites they take so damn long! So I skip these at low lvl cause most of them clock what magical dmg you do and they are always resistant. So annoying :disappointed_relieved:

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  1. if enemy got 120%perseverance in pvp (0 dot dmg) if i had 80%bleed dmg will the dmg stil be 0 upon bleeding.

@discodoggystyle just use ignore resist affix problem solve. or 100-200%weaken or if u stil have problem finding ignore resist affix. craft effective mythic ring(works well w/ weaken%)

Note: weaken dont work if u got ignore resist affix.

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You know how to make this ignore resist affix? Thanks

@discodoggystyle it can be rolled using ruby crystal. if u stil dont have lots lf ruby. just farm gears which has already ignore resist as defaul afiix. try to check on code item list warrior ders a armor and ring thats has defaul ignore resist affix.

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