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Another Q-
Exposed vs. Ruptured - does anyone know if they +50% dmg boosts that they give are equivalent?

For ex. If I have Exposed Mythic and I pierce the enemy with an attack, will my dmg boost be equivalent to Ruptured w/ bleed?


Is it possible to buy a legend or mytical map from the shop? I have bought tons of challenge maps but highest I ever find is epic.


Nope. Only way is feat by killing cartographers or collecting enough maps.


That topic is refering to pre 2.0 momentum mechanics.

The new Momentum strictly uses bonus MS. So unless you are a warrior, you don’t get much benefit.


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I was looking at the campaign leaderboards and noticed only 21 people have maxed experience. Does this mean only 21 people have finishef the eternal ascension?


Many people who have multiple character slots use a non-ascended toon solely for PVP since stats are cut to level 20. Not really worth the hassle to ascend a PVP toon when all you gotta do is get them to level 50 to wear elite gear. I enjoy ascending my toons, so most of mine are legend or eternal :wink:


I don’t even have 1 eternal ascension yet :frowning: . Too busy testing bugs and stuff. xD


Loot and when does it calculate for the drop?
So lets say im battling an epic monster and right at killing blow i put all my luck gear on. When was the loot calculate… At begining of fight or at killing blow?


Pretty sure it is at klling blow. Otherwise it would create a lot more RAM use.


Hi guys, just wanted to know, does you level reset everytime you ascend or is it just the one time? Thanks


each time you choose to ascend it will reset your level


Question about TimeWarp - does it also increase my opponent’s projectile damage done to me if it passes through my TimeWarp?

I ask this for 2 reasons -

  1. The description says it increases “allied damage” but the reason I ask is because it seems that whenever I activate it in PvP my opponent’s Torrents and projectiles suddenly begin to just rip through me.

  2. The description of Cosmic Power states that “Time Warp adds 12.5% dmg per rank to any projecticle’s dmg that passes through the time warp.” – I’m also finding this to be true as I just said, even my opponent’s projectiles are seemingly getting magnified when I activate TW


Are jasper crystals bugged on 2.5? I used 2 of them to change the class of 2 items… one was a legend other was eternal, both times it didn’t let me choose the other 2 chars (diff classes), just “X” out. I had to close the app and lost 2 jasper crystals -=/

TLDR; Are jasper crystals working properly for version 2.5?


What is a eternal legandary. When I fight. Mytical bosses they always drop a green item called an eternal legendary. What makes these different from regular eternal pieces?


Works for me - used 2 yesterday:)


Restarted my phone and it worked. Thanks


Eternal legends are legends with better stats and can’t be “modified.”

You can read more about them here:


any chance anyone has an idea on how to farm on floors 1000+ on 2.5? since stealth got nerfed, what tricks do you have to share? thanks.