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No, (Cosmic)Orb really shoots barrages.
Maybe you have Reactor that changes it to Arc? :confused:

Btw, doesn’t anyone know about CosmicOrb damage?


Orb shoots nothing. That on its own. The orb that shoots barrages is the mythic cosmic orb. Orb only shoots arcs with reactor set. If your orb shoots barrages, it’s likely that it cast at the same time it cast as a barrage wand kill or cosmic orb proc.

Cosmic orb is 300% per strands and there are 10 strands. That’s a total of 3000% dmg per tick which is quite powerful. That dmg is the dmg people usually get if their skill is at hero 20. Goes real good with push the limit.


Hey yes, we were talking about CosmicOrb.
You said that it cannot shoot barrages.
But it can’t be just my normal skill, because some of the barrages go towards me from the CO (no Living Force).

My question about the damage, then, was about the difference between its crap DMG on my Warrior vs the acceptable DMG on my Wizard.


Oh. I dont know the answer to that question.


Nobody has mentioned answers to these questions yet :cry:

I myself have determined that Angelic set will NOT affect skills that have cooldowns of Exactly 1 second Before modifiers (Dexterity would bring them down to 0.9 second cooldown for example) at least if the Status screen is to be believed.

I still don’t know how it interacts with Discordance (a lot of interactions with Discordance seem to not show up in the Stats screen).

I’d like to bring up the questions on Coat weapon again, because if it works the way I stated, then it would be super good, and might be worth using a “Coat Weapon Proc” affix over say Elemental Crit affix.


Pois bem, vejo muitos americanos por aqui
Sera que se eu postar algo em portugues serei respondido ? Novo aqui no Dungeon Quest

  1. some pets reach level 100 without all affixes. Can the Enslaver bonus still add them? (it’s 10+ times that nothing happens)
  • can pet rare affixes become epic with the Enslaver achievement?

  • does the bonus improve only the main hero pet?

  • does pet quality matter? It doesn’t seem to affect anything (e.g: max stats reachable)

  • can I “remove” heroes from the arena? I don’t want my “mule” to fight XD


The pets are supposed to reach level 100 and at the last 20 or 15 levels, they usually become epic pets (rare if they have duplicate affixes and stay rare but only on found pets but I think that bug maybe fixed). The enslaver bonus where you kill 3 pets is meant to reroll the affixes to maximum at the level (eg 500 MP regen at level 100). I think the bonus could add epic affixes on normal pets but I’m not sure.

Pets with rare affixes keep rare affixes but they do gain new affixes which have chance to be epic from level ups and possibly the enslaver bonus of killing 3 pet

Pet quality doesn’t matter all that much. All it does is make it more harder to reach maximum reroll at level 100 with affixes with the kill 3 pets feat and higher quality makes it more likely for max reroll but in the end, pets will get maxed out affixes in terms of rerolls (250 MP on hit, 75% crit dmg, etc).

Bonus only improves the pet that already leveled up. If the main hero pet levelled up, the hero pet gets the bonus and has the chance for max reroll affixes (75% crit dmg instead of 68%). If hirling pet levelled up, the bonus only applies to the hirling. It’s specific.

However if both pets levelled up at exactly the same time, the bonus gets applied to both at the same time


This is based off what I observed although I may be incorrect.

Can you remove heros in arena if you don’t want them to fight. Well if it’s 1v1 it’s simple as you can replace it with another character that’s good at PvP. 2v2 you do the same. You may need 2 or 3 PvP ready character though.


Thanks, but:

  1. so… the answer to question 1 is… maybe yes?
  • Btw, the improvements aren’t “rerolls”: the stats just slowly increase by N.
  • Also, pets become epic if they gain all affixes, not if they reach a X level.
  • The bug, then, still exists for duplicates: I recently had a pet with 2 epic affixes that disappeared when equipped, being similar to 2 rares…
  1. the answer here is…maybe no?

  2. I still meant the Enslaver bonus. It doesn’t require pet levelup, right?

  3. ok

  4. I meant that they’re visible for others as my arena characters and maybe they’re available for fighting via AI. I can see 4/6 heros there, but 1 is far too weak.

  1. When I said the pet becomes epic at X level, I meant that they gain the try affix at X level and they become epic, henceforth why I said that.

  2. Yup. Nope.

  3. The bonus is effective when pet level up and even if not level up , it works on the pet to get it to max stats at that pet level. If both legs need it, I believe it affects both pets.

  4. Replace the one that is far too weak with another hero and go into battle. It then overrides the AI you took into battle that is weak. That only happens if you press battle another player. I got rid of my wizard for example in 1v1 by playing as rogue and wizard no longer AI defending. For 2v2, I replaced wizard with rogue and warrior I kept. The AI stayed as Rogue and warrior. This means AI can be overwritten and that if you change AI settings and gear, the changes don’t show up until you enter the battle arena against online players.


4- I couldn’t explain myself properly.
I meant this window (this is an example img from a possible cheater):

I have 6 heroes.
I’d like 3 to be there.
4 heroes appear instead (one is weak).


hi dear community, i dropped a 7 deadly sin set piece, but im only interested in the legend elemental dmg affix, is there a way to remove “charity” and “greed”? i thought they would disappear with the set but that didnt work out


Unfortunately the charity & greed affixes can’t be edited. Same holds true for any “dependent” (bonus) affix.


You can use quartz but most of the time, it would remove the ed% from the horn if it removes negative and dependant affix as well. 99% of the time it just won’t work.

If you want ed% on a horn, you can find defiant skull or trap and jasper it to horn for warrior. Wd% on a horn you can get by hunting hunger trap at floor 800+ which can be really good.


Thx for the answers, back to farming then :slight_smile:


You can’t use Quartz for Deadly Sin items :unamused:


Oh right. I just realised just now. #facepalm to me.


Quick Question: What is the real power of Discordance?

I see people use it for:

  • Bow, to give Guided high damage and spam MultiShot.
  • To spam BlinkStrike.
  • Orb.

But why do people use it for Orb? Discordance on Chakram gives Orb 300%/200% = 50% more damage, but the CD of Boomerang is 2sec or so, so you cannot spam it. If you leave it at 200% but you spam it (1sec CD), you do more damage, no (2 Orbs = 400% damage, compared to 300% in 2sec)? And it doesn’t make Boomerang faster either…
Same holds true for Gauntlets, I suppose.


Discordance is basically really powerful (my arena build deals 200k DPS ATM incomplete despite low CD without dmg reduction and with dmg reduction, less dmg but still high DPS).

In my campaign build, my Chakram Discordance reactor build I can spam with 45% reduced CD and deal insane dmg from frozen, Arcanist+ ascendant. It’s very successful despite some handicaps as I can also use relentless , mutilate , dextrous, deadeye. I dealt up to a quintillion dmg already through frozen and I guess I could reach floor 1400 without crushing blow (I will have to find out). can also work with devilpillar idea, shocks, poison, anything.

The orb will have 300% Dmg from chakram. 4 multi attack is usually 3× dmg but with mutilate 20, this means 3.6× more dmg. 300% turns to 1080%. With push the limit this 1080% turns into 1620% dmg per 0.1 seconds (reactor is 1620% every second ). I can also use living force and the all skills affix to boost it as well as possible cosmic power + timewarp or identity set affix. I calculated that I can get more dmg than wizard despite many costs. I had this theory ages ago but I never thought it would be successful and I wanted to try an idea most wouldn’t try due to CD. I can also spam that orb many times.

People also use Discordance for repeated high Dmg blinkstrikes if done correctly which is definitely possible. Discordance was OP with the LOKHO build because it made a single arrow up to 2000% MH dmg or more thanks to skilled, multi attack, guided shot swap even if arrow CD is Equivalent to Guidedshot. Back then, arrow had long range too so easy instant kill, high bleed and fire for back in patch 2.0 (nerfed since 2.1). Also skilled mythic.

Spamming high Dmg twisters is also great with Discordance. You can have twister with primary CD which can be below 1 second, spam it. If you use gauntlet with 150% dmg from blast, twister deal 150%. This turns to 300% with hero points. If you use 4× multi attack, 300% × 3 = 900% dmg twister. 900% dmg per 0.25 secs or less is cool. Then you can add push the limit, cosmic power with timewarp, living force, nything. I could get up to 3000% dmg per 0.25 secs and spam twisters. Op combos. Proc build with Discordance coming.

Flintlocks I could use for Discordance with spamming flintlocks but with much higher dmg (even though multi attack won’t work on ricochet). I could make richocet deal 700% from scatter shot, use skilled mythic as it would still work with richocet with discordance, push the limit. Even cosmic power + timewarp (optional), hero points , etc.

700% dmg richocet. With hero point. That means 1400% richocet. Skilled mythic can increase this to 2100% dmg. One push the limit I could get to 3100% richocet. There is the CD issue but that can be dealt with because scattershot has not too low CD and can be lowered. This means I could make richocet deal so much dmg whilst spamming it . Multi attack and extra attack wouldnt work though so I might not try it as no extra bullets at once but if I successfully build a distordance flintlock build in a weird way, that would be awesome despite no spreads.