The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5


Make a proc build for this build lol. Malestrom+ procs = insane DMG. Anyone want to try it? Same with PvP Will of the Force build.


I’ll make procs too, but it needs most specific items to be hunt.


Ok. But it’s doable though. Discordance with procs gives so much damage like my will of the force build has orb procs and they do same damage as actual skill.
This build does 4000% MH so any proc that is Mainhand will also do the same damage like twisters, storm, etc.


Update: Try adding 400% or close it Explosive affix. It works quite well with Effective Mythic and definitely makes finishing off enemies so much easier :smile: :blush: :heart_eyes: .

I discovered this by accident but it’s extremely good.


I use that in my current build too woooot2!!:blush::blush::blush:


Is this build viable as a hireling for a fortune bringer main? And if so, if I had to drop 4-6 affixes for item drop rate and luck what can this build farm floor 1000 m3 quickly?


Yes. I’m sure you can easily make it a farm build :slight_smile: . The insane MH% is more than enough to wreck floor 1000 for farming easily.

Goes great with fortune bringer which is why I use it but I use it for floor hiking rather than farming since I have another build for that.


Which build would you say is the most efficient as a hireling for floor 1000 m3 farming? I have access to all classes at 99 at all gear that drops floor 600m3 and below. I also have enough crystals to make a complete fortune bringer main and a dps hireling.

I ask because most of the guides posted are meant to be played as main and with the wonky ai I want to make sure the hireling will make use of the build properly. I also haven’t played higher than 600m3 and have no idea about survivalbility and dps needed for 1000m3.



On m3 1000 ull need a lot of damage, hp doesnt even matter as long as u kill mobs quick , having great hp in floors 1000 + must be place in ur main, when you have hireling focus on getting damage /dps

In ur hireling try placing 2 glasscannon, 2 ptl, babarian, 3 100% ed +explosive. Having arcanist + acendant is great too then you can add momentum and +move speed affixes., if you have those i dont see you not clearing floors 3000+ easily

Thats my opinion anyways hehehe


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I’m looking to adapt this build as a hireling to pair with a farming main and would like some opinions on swapping some affixes. I want to switch out 1 set affix for ephiphany, 1 crystal affix for 225% luck, and 4x other affixes for 200% item drop rate. I also don’t have a pet yet with any of the affixes listed. My thinking is to swap out the following. Please let me know if you think this would still be viable for farming around floor 1000m3.

  1. Lose Demonic and Pathfinder for Ephiphany. I lose the the second set since i dont have a pet yet with any of these affixes but will aim to get pathfinder back into the mix.
  2. Lose 225% crit damage crystal affix for the 225% luck but will change aim for it on my pet and 6x natures
  3. Only keep 1x 100% ice damage and 1 x 100% frostbting, losing the rest for 4x 50% item drop rate.
  4. Switch out the 5000 MP for 400% explosive
  5. Switch out 75% crit damage for 30% elemental crit

Everything else would be the same as your build except for the mods on pet. Would this still be viable as a dps hireling for floor 1000m3?



yo @CuzegSpiked is this set still useful ins patch 3.0.0 ?


Yes definitely. All you need to do is change living force with something else you like.

I ended up replacing living force with permafrost and then replace with adventurer. I also ended up using momentum pet.

I’ll show my updated version and the effective frozen explosions no longer come in the enemy weakness elements. However 400% explosive still works well with it.

My build even more powerful than ever before.


This is my current build but I updated it. Yes I did use the reroll crystals for pets since it’s now possible. My warrior hirling is the half farm build of my farm combo. It’s not the most efficient at all and it has low 180k HP but it works. My warriors purpose is only apply Debuff shock and arcane from Wrath. It’s the updated fortune bringer.

My rogue hero points and stat points .

Damage before and after momentum+adventurer :

I chose momentum over pathfinder to see how much more damage I could maximise with adventurer if living force isn’t there but it seems to do quite well.

Move speed wise: 25% from coat and 20% from stealth. With coat 30, that move speed from coat is now 55%.

With stealth 30, move speed from stealth is now 35%. 55%+35%= 90% default.

However stealth does nerf damage so I decided to add adventurer. It maxes out move speed but also adds another 37.5% damage to that 50% from momentum.

I could have added Angelic Set instead of Adventurer too but Adventurer was superior in damage .

I could have added sureshot for Robe now that I think about it. I may plan on changing it and seeing how it went but I didn’t do it yet.

As for the double Nadroji bonus on my farm build , I’ve heard from @Eater that it’s supposed to increase pet rarity somehow and I’ve seen him use 2 Nadroji bonus. Normally it shouldn’t make a difference but apparently it does. But you only need 1 Nadroji bonus normally.

The warrior I use here I also use for PvP , hence the HP and resists. It’s not meant to be a good PvP build since I was lazy but it does its job at debuffs in 2v2 and temporary tanking.