The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5


I see you are still using exposed mythic. does cosmic orb still count as a projectile for piercing? thanks again for sharing your updated build.




I don’t see arcanist effecting in wrath now :cry: . Before it adds dmg when a hireling jumps in a pack sized and cause wrath on them ( see instantly to the dmg bearer with arcanist ) I found that unlike before it boost dmg a lot but now , it seems it doesn’t add .:sob:


Ok. But I still think it does something though.


Can arcanist work without ascendant? , can i just substitute it with wrath or effective mythic?


Well it only lasts like a fraction of a second. Like very small timeframe. 0.1 seconds or lower.

Ascendant simply extends the Debuff timeframe to 6 seconds. Even if it’s Ascendant from hirling, the weaken applying Arcanist 20% ED per enemy is there but it lasts 6 seconds instead of a small fraction of a second.

Also Ascendant counts as an arcane DoT so the arcane attacks description applys meaning you can reduce enemies resists by 62.5% and enemies don’t have any or barely any arcane resists.

Although having Ascendant on the rogue without hirling is totally an option.


Thanks now i definitely have to put ascendant… Im planing on putting it in my warrior. Heheh


Good luck. Also add overload for shock Debuff and blind porpoises on warrior hirling and shock attack in general :slight_smile:


Also last question… Where should i place my 100% ed? Ex in amulet or ring or chest? :smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Up to you as long as you feel happy and save space. I’d say put on ring, amulet and chest like usual. On some build that don’t use barbarian, 100% ED on head.

Wow so many replies I can’t keep up. Like 10 replies and many pms. I’m happy lol. So many that I have to check the notification menu instead of quick notification. I love it.


Thanks! Now i know heheh u helped a lot!


Thats cuz ur amazing!!! Hahahah and also a really nice person!


Yup. :wink: :slight_smile: . I should do a YouTube series lol.

I was thinking like a DPS calculation walkthrough , beginner walkthrough with new account, hirling tip, farming comprehensive guide in video format and other purposes.

I could even try a requested livesteam or chill farm video. Such as a livesteam or chill farm on getting many crystals in set timeframe and see results at end of it.

Congrats to me 30 subs.


I could try 25% DMG to Elites since it could multiply like plagued on magic+ enemies since they’re elites. It definitely is promising.
Very effective for higher tier enemies when frozen explosions .


Have you looked at trying to fit permafrost into this build? It was buffed to 15% per rank instead of 10. If so what would you replace it with?


Meh. Arcanist better. Also momentum​ and Adventurer ftw.


Ikr! Momentum and adventurer :heart::heart::heart:


I don’t have a pet with adventurer or momentum yet but do have one with pathfinder. Any idea on the dodge/move speed breakpoints where momentum becomes better than pathfinder or will it always be better?


It really depends because some want dodge and some just maneuver their controls really good so they have no need for dodge ., instead they go for great move speed to finish floors quicker + high damage. But for me momentum is better than path finder


It would be for a rogue hireling with 65 dodge (someone check my math: 10 innate, 10 from 20 dex, 15 from 99 power, 30 from crystal affix). I think pathfinder 5 is 62.5% of dodge which is 40.625 damage increase unstealthed but 62.5% in stealth. I don’t plan on having any move speed affix so damage increase from momentum would be the same as what Cuzen shows in his update math.

My main will be a farming stat stick with adventurer and 2x 15 move speed affixes to speed around