The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5


Very nice. RNG finally gave me +10 orb after many crystal tries on that pet. I also tested out Veil which was ok until you realise that Stealth halves all damage and isn’t that good on Frozen.
I was also thinking about changing that 90% weaken into 45% crit so better chance of critical frozen explosions and brutal kicking in when deadly strike. Instead of 180% weaken, 90% weaken and better crit chance. I reprogrammed my warrior A.I to better provide ascendant arcane Debuff for me and the shock Debuff.

From 5000%+ MH with 10 Orb , Push the Limit, Multi Attack and Extra Attack to 7000%+ MH. If Timewarp were to still work on orb which it doesn’t since orb isn’t a projectile anymore, I could have had something like 10k+% or so MH and unbelievable damage. Stealth in patch 2.0 used to double all damage but I’m glad it’s nerfed to halve all damage by 50% so I only use stealth on sanctuary mode or around so many enemies at once.
Also more hit frequency yes. Also orb on pet should work on the orb skill like how 6+ Torrent works on the Divination Amulet even if you use wizard in arena or rogue.


Getting +10 skill and also on talent is very hard to obtain. Always % affixes are the ones u get when you roll.


Ikr. I finally got it though. Feels good to have 20 orb on rogue. Destroying these floors like butter and even better with this patch performance boost. Also I added 45% crit chance despite removing the extra 90% which was actually better since 120% weaken (90% and 30% on pet) is just as good and ascendant gets me that 180% reduce resist thanks to my warrior. Brutal more effective now.

Also CV has been changed a bit. If you manage to get the update, you can check CV out in arena. @flasher13 , your dream coming true lol.

Apart from that, arena hasn’t changed too much apart from more people know how to Regen and tank better while dealing damage and competent as the immortal builds are. Far less cheaters up in eternal league now division 1 now.


How I wish I could get that One too :pray::pray: I dont have momentom pet yet . I still farming for the pet .hihi


Pets are the hardest to craft in terms of using topaz, sapphire and angelite huhuh i always have to spend up to thousands of those crystals just to get the right affix :sob:

But sometimes i only get it in one try! Hahahah

Also i have like 3 of momentum pets xD


there are suspicious player that has more damage and more hp in division 1 right now. But CV can spam alot and more and more but the thing is you can easily dodge them


Yup. Also after calculation, yep this rogue is much better than other class equivalent of the same build.

If you were to use other classes, the wizard would deal half of what this build does in the same form and warrior would get closer to 75% of what it does but still just about the same damage or lower than wizard.



I removed 90% weaken so I don’t have 180% weaken for the 45% crit chance and I found much better results with Brutal mythic since Frozen had more Crits.

I even tested to see if it can do floor 1591 without crushing blow and it most certainly can with no issues. In fact, crushing blow is the bottleneck (the thing that hinders the build potential) . It’s at full potential lmao.

I added the extra 30% weaken on pet to make sure weaken is 120%. Also used Rage set to make sure I get the weaken slot in pet and for extra damage for having 6× of elements nature instead of strength. No more Arcanist however but that doesn’t matter too much with the huge results I get.

I should probably do a video on this with and without crushing blow.

My god this is the most OP build I’ve ever made without crushing blow. Crushing blow makes this good for floors that are very very high though. Also before I made the tweaks to get such maximum buffs.

If you reach a floor where you absolutely need crushing blow, then remove the deadly strike crystal affix for 30% crushing blow.

Also smoke bomb I chose since it doesn’t have the negative effect that stealth does, low CD , dodge attacks (except falling furies or explosive enemies ) , freeze enemies to set up for Orb + Frozen explosion and even blind. Easy Frostbiting as well.

Highest deadly strike I got was like 40+B and with shock , almost 80B . 100B+ when Frozen happens and it gets multiplied to 1 Trillion easy. I get a good hit frequency thanks to double strike with that 10B-40B per second or 78B per second in some cases. That weaken+ ascendant Debuff from warrior wrath is what allows me to get 20-40B deadly strike or so.

You can try calculating this build with the DPS calculation post I had in this page of your head but with the newly added affixes.


I have one or two. Maybe 3 lol.


i got momentum pet but not worth it


You can change the affixes on it since it’s legend . Sapphire ftw. You will need a whole lot of larimar and sapphires and potentially some topaz.

That’s how you can change and get whatever you want in a legend pet.


Hi i just saw your build, how can i get orb skill from chakram? Sorry still newbie here. 3 days from the game. Cheers and thanks. Btw, what a monster build.


Use the amber crystal.


I mean how to get orb special skill from using chakram like what he did to his build. If that makes any sense. Because afaik, the skill on using chakrams are boomerang and whirling blades. How come he got orb and boomerang.


You use amber crystal on your chakram. It’s random though.


I see. I’ll take note of that. Thank you. Salamat boss.


Im so Lucky :grinning::joy::grin:


Noice. Did you use crystals?


Holy wow. 1k views on my YouTube video. Thanks for watching . My other video with over 1k views was my first ever video. YouTube channel is ofc the same name as the forum name and even same profile pic.


Yes … All my sapphire crystal