The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5


@CuzegSpiked hello! is this build still effective on the current patch? looking forward to build my rogue like that, got like 2 items already. Thanks!


Yup. Even better on this patch actually.


interesting. i thought cosmicorb doesn’t work with reactor, seeing as cosmicorb already causes arc. does that mean that both effects stack?


Yeah cosmic orb doesn’t combine with reactor. Reactor works with orb though. Reactor also doesn’t work on the arcane E-crit of Orbit orbs.


I’ve seen 100+b dmg in this build. so far .


I’ve seen alot more damage. Like quintillion or even septillion or sextillion by Frozen Explosion. 100B damage is very easy on this build though and it already deals so many billions at once without the explosions.


What floor are you now with this build ?


I haven’t moved since I was not bothered but around 1550. It’s too easy though xD. Especially thanks to 500% Frostbiting and double strike 25%.


My updated build. It’s called Winter Maiden pure ice mode which I mentioned before since I decided to go pure ice without effective. Effective + explosion was nice for adding other elements to the mix but I ended up having more damage having extra 2 Frostbiting for just about 500% Frostbiting. I also had room for double strike as well and removed crit chance for another 90% weaken which meant 180%+ weaken to seriously buff damage.
The crit chance is from coat skill and I spam if alot anyway with Frozen + deadly strike and Brutal.
It’s still part of the seasonal maidens series though. I’ll probably convert and make the crushing flames edition as well by changing just a couple affixes.

I kept arcanist however since I still keep my debuffing warrior who has Ascendant and Wrath 20 talent . Also it goes great with 180% weaken and 62.5% reduce resists Ascendant . Arcanist does help too.

I’ve upgraded since many months ago but forgot to show it off for some reason .


Ahh okay :grin: Thank you for the update sir .You’re the best .


Yeah seems like this update is double the power of my last update and when I first build this dream build. My final form!

Though arcanist is not as Powerful, it still helps when so many enemies effected when ED% increases which can effectively almost double damage. Also that stack debuff and Ascendant from warrior does help along with that 180% weaken.

Though I’m beginning to think I’m getting diminishing returns if I use ascendant + 180% like you would with effective mythic. I may just drop arcanist and hirling for something like permafrost and other potentially good affixes altogether but only if you want solo .

Although with that hirling, I did see huge numbers way above quadrillion, quintlion and sometimes sextillion or septillion. Although it’s rare to actually capture all of them.

Also if I find that ascendant begins to be diminshing returns with 180% weaken, I could just re add crit chance to make it easier to deal crits and the ascendant becomes not so diminshing because it becomes close to 180% reduce resists aka 180% weaken in a way. Though it would become 90% chance instead of 180%.

The only time I probably won’t find those diminshing returns with ascendant +180% weaken is on certain types of enemies that really reduce the gains . Arcanist however isn’t diminishing as with the right programming of hirling A.I (something in finally starting to understand after year and nearly 2 on my own but also thanks to Mr Scooty for aiding me to at least grasp how to understand. I read between the lines once more and I finally get it.).


Can I use this as a template for wizard?

I want to build a discordance+twister. Is it possible? Should I still use CosmicOrb or not?


Yes you can. Just change weapon to Gauntlet and done. After all I did base it on a previous wizard discordance build.

Also yes use cosmic orb always. Or you could just use this same rogue template but replace orb with Twister for more DMG. The Twister will deal the SAME damage as the ORB in this discordance build and a bit more than wizard.

Although if you prefer wizard , then use wizard.


About the identity affix, I should replace this right? What do you recommend?


Don’t replace it. It actually adds 62.5% extra MH which is what makes my Orb deal so much more damage than other classes and ultimately high damage frozen.

It’s basically a must have.

You can however remove arcanist and replace with Angleic for example or permafrost. You can even choose Haunting set affix as a potential option where you press stealth and use the haunting to increase orbs MH by 100% because the enemies have fear.

Keep Reactor set though as it helps attack enemies in range and freeze them when using coat skill.

Also you have the option of using the Vault instead of Coat but replacing one of the affixes with 30% elemental crit such as one of the frostbiting of the 5+ all skills since you won’t really need 2× 5+ all skills. I just added 2× 5+ All Skills to add 10 hero points to orb for 50% more MH as well as 10% more hit frequency and 10% larger spell.


Isn’t Orb a wizard skill, so using +5 All Skill will only benefit your coat and stealth.


No +5 All Skill benefits all skills, including skills from other classes. Believe me, I tested this!

You’d think it wouldn’t but it says all skills so it means all skills equipped. Normally you can’t add hero points to wizard or warrior skills on rogue except if you have 5+ All Skills of the hero points on pet. The difference is indeed there if you try it yourself on rogue.


Been wondering about that too


Okay. I will try and test it.


I see your point now. Thank you very much. It seems that having a +10 Orb in the pet also gives the same as + All Skills.