The Snowbringer (wizard farm build)

Hello everyone!Here is my skullshield farm build The Snowbringer!

If you don’t have Shibe you can use Simba or anything else really.
This build is for M3 floor 500 farming.Dont go higher than 550 as the damage starts to fall.
Buy floor 500 maps and reroll them until you get +Pack size then use diamond untill you get at least 125% pack size.
At the begining of the map activate skullshield and start walking. That’s it everything around you will die.
Have fun everyone!Thanks for reading!


Looks very nice, the frozen making up for the lack of skull shield attack speed. :+1:

Some changes i might have suggested, even tho i know your happy with your build:
-Keep the ice damage% on the epiphany ring,
-Move eternalised set onto the amulet, instead, using a MH with crystal block% (moving around crystal affixes instead of the crystal deadly strike and frozen on MH instead)
-Use nadroji head instead (people believe the nadroji bonus stacks?)

And the obvious, im guessing your using a mule hireling for extra gold find, luck, item drops and possibly exp gain if your into that

(Just constructive criticism :heart: )


@TeaCup I don’t use hireling with this build.I have all 6 perks.About moving affixes the build works really well even in this state and am lazy and I don’t want to waste any more crystal. Thank you though!

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I only say that incase other’s decide to use the build too :slight_smile:

Hireling just means more refined drops for the classes of the characters, and you can stuff more luck/goldfind on them if your not quite capped.