The struggle of having rolled 2 max affixes that are not gained via rubies

Finally rolled a Axe with WD 200% and Barbarian 50%. Was forced to save/load my account but still failed from getting a perfect Crit Dmg 225%. It would be worth it even throwing 10 obsidians to get it. Now waiting for the 3 hrs downtime sobs

I did have a OH ED 100% and Dmg to Elite 25% in the past. I didnt save/load it and just prayed to get a perfect block… But utterly failed, just converted it to throw away my frustrations xD

Hopefully I’ll get a Ring ED 100% and Push the Limit 50% next. Was my attempts worth the effort? The first question would be, is alright to be even doing this? I mean I did do it for one equipment and suffered the waiting time. Even thou that little % of damage cant increase much in the overall dmg, its just pleasant to look those perfect affix rolls :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t done it again. It will cost a lot of time and also your account might be flagged down.


the entire point to the download limit was to avoid this exploit. clearly it isnt working. whats worse, is that the serious violators dont care about this download limit, they have their ways.

trust me… sometimes i feel im the only one this download limit irritates so bad… because i use the cloud to transfer between my devices like was meant to.

tab to phone to nvid :slight_smile:

hell… ive even had my download used up by certain someone :wink: lol

having said that, supports been real great when i needed em most. :slight_smile:


You will get flagged using that trick


when I had crystal affix and the legend affix on the same item, I learned to get my Item Quality maxed out to 25% before rolling to perfect the stats. you either get them as high as you can, which uses the fewest crystals, or work hard on getting them all maxed out, which uses a lot of crystals. I feel like my Gears aren’t working as good as it should if the affixes are not maxed out, so I am willing to use a lot of crystals to maximize my affixes. I figure if RNG is laughing at me, I could be satisfied with the affixes being at 75% of max…until I get the crystals to try again. :grin:

Ok, I’ll better stop it now. Thanks for the advise. I do prioritize ED% amd WD% over the others. After rolling lots of affixes, it just happen twice to me. I’ll learn to be satisfied :slight_smile:

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lol. good call. plus… 3hr downtime… over and over… would suck


what happened to me was when I started using Obsidian, and then trying to make the not perfect ones perfect. messed up my Legend affixes. I don’t think too good when I am frustrated, so I burned through a lot of crystals to do some fixing up. then I remembered about Emeralds and Item Quality. so I had to wait for more Emeralds before I tried maxing the affixes again. and then I burned a lot more crystals. my affixes are all maxed, but I learned some wisdom and am building up my crystals again.

I did it too when i was starting to make my farming build. Never knew item quality was for, then i just rerolled affix to atleast get 90% of its max value. It was still fine cuz I pass it over to my hireling, then starting to make a new perfect one from scratch.

learning from the Codex and Forums is the easy way, but for some reason, when I make a mistake, or multiple mistakes, the learning sticks in my head better for some reason. :confused:

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if that item you said is for pvp, there is a trick to easy max roll affixes and no need to exploit the game, no need to save and upload, :wink::wink:

Eh, why does it need for pvp? I only do PvE for now. If there is a trick other than throwing your crystal to hailmary I’ll take it :slight_smile:

the name of the -trick- is luck. :wink: I am so happy when I get the affix or the perfect rolls on first try, but that doesn’t happen all the time, so then it is the crystal hailmary method to get what you want.
I think defender mentioned PVP because those affixes are good in the Arena.

RNG might troll you.

crystal hailmary = use 100’s or 1,000’s of crystals to get what you want. hailmary is a term used when you are at your most desperate moment, and you do something to get out of a bad situation, and hopefully turn things around so your situation is better. doesn’t always work, but you never know. basically another way of saying getting trolled by RNG until you get what you want to roll.


I know it’s nice to be perfect but honestly you don’t need fully perfect everything. Crystal affixes is understandable but sometimes it’s better to have perfect of other affixes and dealing with the cost is just part of it.

No need to spend 10 Obsidian , just diamonds. I know the feeling of trying to get perfect affixes and I did do it at a certain cost legit.

Perfection usually will come at a cost. You can get most things perfect but some things will cost a lot to get perfected.

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I learned the hard way how important 25% item quality is, and there is still a little bit of RNG for the affixes. I can live with less than perfect affixes, but the build I have at the moment does better with max. I have to admit, I am learning something about the use of the diamond crystal and it’s limits, which is good to learn now in the learning stage of crafting, rather than later when it would come as an unwanted surprise.
and I am keeping in mind the lessons shared by other Toons in the Forums. I am sure the lessons they all shared were costly in time and resources for themselves, and I am grateful to be spared the frustration of learning the hard way like they did. -giving a bow of respect to the Toon Pioneers of early DQ-

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