The Stupidmancer experiment


The idea is a pvp summoner without any summons (apart from command) that are not procs. No apocalypse weapons. No eternal items. It will rely on stacked legend summon Furies and 5 all spiritmancer on mythics. Currently got 52 to most talents. Using cosmiorb, nova, etc, skullshield


nice, but I have found in PVP that the better the Spiritmancer Build, the less Stupidmancer I think it is. is this going to be a PVE build? or for both PVE/PVP? :skull: + :skull_crossbones: = :head_bandage:


Cool! Keep em coming!


@golem is going to be good in pve because the procs are more dependable and skullshield is a good ranged attack. I had the crazy idea of having skullshield as proc only too (using talents). Again in pve its not a problem. However, my aim is to push the boundaries in pvp by creating a build whose main skills are only available by chance lol. So if your luck runs out then you are defensless. We shall see were this idea goes.




The power of your wiz is too low. But the unpredictive moves of your wiz are pretty good. :slight_smile:


nice fight and build. it also reinforces the concept of the build determining the fighting style.


Now I’ve built it i have to practice playing it. It’s a tricky one to play


Teleport is definately a keep skill. Not to sure about whirling blades. Evasion encircling is definitely the best play style. Just chip away at the opponent like a dripping tap rather than a knock out punch. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee (Muhammed ali)


Stupid mancer build finished. Too random to work. Fun. But a disaster


in a way, it seems that it would be hard to use, but would be great with the right A.I. set up. keep up the good work.


@Golem how about crafting it onto my current build ?


what? making part of your current build a Stupidmancer? or the right A.I. set up? I don’t know about A.I. settings very well, I am still figuring out the best settings for different builds and wins. my A.I. settings don’t seem to work all that well at the moment.


My current build with crazy regen a stupid mancer