Theory crafting - orb PvP seriously rough idea/draft

Definitely thinking wizard orb with high blink stike/identity and procs. Based on the slow movement high DMG of orb/reactor and reliant on the blink strike/enigma to keep you in their face and back out of the way constantly. I have troubles with most the wizard builds. I hate them all stand and cast but I think that could be best of both worlds. I personally use blizzard right now but I’m still asking my self why! I think it does good DMG and is great for kiting with. Downside its easily dodged and doesn’t seem to be able to cast more then 1 at a time even after clear cast or specialist. It just moves the blizzard to the newest cast location and sits. I’m drunk and rambling again. I vote for more wizard PvP build talk. We all have chak rogues they boring now!