There's a new kid in town, I've brought a Wizard to play!

Hellow Division 1 :grinning:!!

Really frustrating bringing a Wizard to Division 1 against those tanky Warriors and BlinkStrike Rogues, but I did it!! Now I am one of only three :wink:!

Let’s hope I can stay there with some minor modifications I forgot to implement.



I’m on my way. Currently did 2 or 3 tinkering with scoundrel wizard

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Aiming for no1 spot! Gonna do well :slight_smile: . Good luck Midlumer! I’m sure you will reach top too! Also let me know if you face my AI.

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Thank you. You got a PM :wink: with a few modifications I’ll make it to the top 5 I guess, place 6-7 pretty stable now!

Cool! Your AI I can beat but I think it will easily defeat swap players and other close ups.


Congrats duder. I’m gunning for Div 1 with my default AI settings. Drop 100 points every time I log haha

At the top of Div 2 at. Hope to catch you soon man.

I’m back to div 6 lol was a rough day for me

wait for me

W8ing and the top ;)!!

At least you achieved having more viable wizard builds. More wizards. I’d like to see how well you do in 2v2 as well. My rogue isn’t wizard but technically I was a hybrid wizard and rogue build. I mean I still used similar concepts to aftermath but to adapt to this meta with more HP, more dmg, etc. Congrats regardless.

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Congrats :wink:

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