Things I'd wish I'd known in the beginning (Rogue PoV)

  1. Use your crystals liberally, especially early on. They, more than drops, will be your method for upgrades, and until the last row or two, you’ll get way more use out of using them early than saving them. By the time you’ve found gear worth using them on (if that’s why you aren’t using them), you’ll have plenty of that breed of crystal, most likely.

  2. Diamonds and Larimars can be used on maps. Once you’ve got access to maps and have a decent AoE clear, roll for pack size, then roll for it to be 100%+ and enjoy!

  3. Thinking of maps. Once you are progressing floor 200+. Keep a backup map somewhere. I once used a map (fortunately only 260 or so) and the game crashed. Had to start back from 200. You can buy maps from the vendor, do so every 25-50 floors and set it aside, just in case.

  4. Energy is an AMAZING resource alternative for PvE. Farm it and use it as early as you can get that Abyss to drop. Find a 4 socket item in one of your worst slots at the time, make it Energy, then gem it up and go nuts.

  5. Crystal affixes (the cyan colored ones from using obsidians) CANNOT be removed. So when building an item with crystals, start with the obsidian first. If you burn a bunch of legendary affix gems and amethysts getting everything else right, THEN the obsidian roll jacks you, it could net in a lot of wasted gems.


  1. Hunter works on replenishing pools as well as shrines.
  1. You can actually convert maps to higher level floors without going through the trouble of hiking again. No need to set aside extra maps unless you want a specific floor number.

  2. It really depends on your firing method. For flintlock rogues, energy is not that advisable due to high firing rate. For bows, it’s a different story tho.

  3. They can be removed by Quarts iirc as per Rubik’s Crystallography. Just make sure that the only affix on your item is the crystal affix so no other affix would be removed by Quartz.

  1. Oh, really? How do you do that? With the gem that increases item level?

  2. Yeah, that’s true. I was flintlock for a long time (before I found energy), but at high levels of ricochet and high density maps, the slowdown was causing a lot of weird bullet phasing issues where they’d pass through things. I find bow to hit things more reliably. What would you suggest for flintlock? Fury?

  3. Depending on the item, that may defeat the purpose, if you needed a specific legendary affix it had (or set affix, if quartz can nuke those too). I guess it’s worth a try at least, over just scraping it, but it could end poorly still. Crystal affixes are easier to get the one you want anyways, since the pool is so much smaller. Getting the legendary affixes you need seems impossible, I don’t know how some of these people have such perfect gear.

  1. Nah, just click on the map, there’s a convert button along with the open map option.

  2. For bow, yes, energy is a stable resource system due to the low attk speed. For flintlocks, Fury is a viable option. On my exp, I’m running on perma stealth rogue. Fury + flintlock ensures that I have enough resource before my stealth ends.

  3. That’s the drawback of quartz tho. Anyhow, it’s better to lose some obsi than to lose the legend affix especially those which are not roll-able.

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  1. Oh, so there is, haha =)

  2. I hadn’t thought of having enough to convert to stealths… With energy I never even have to worry about resource even using twister and stealth frequently. Do mana potions work on fury? They do on energy :wink:

  3. Yeah, true. I’m actually hoping I find another Vacuus Scipio I can use some more expensive gems on. Don’t want to ruin my current one with a bad crystal roll =/

Yes, mana potions and those blue orbs work on Fury too :smile:. My hiking build (bow) uses energy too.