Things that doesn't seem quite right

Playing as a warrior I found two things that i guess aren’t working as supposed.

The first one is: every normal monster appear as resistant to everything.
I mean i hit a poison slime marked as resist poison (1st floor for example) with any weapon (including shock ones) and the resist word appear in the screen but only poison elemental weapons appear to deal less damage.
On bosses the word effective appears on the screen if you attack them with the element they’re weak to. Is this the correct behavior for all enemies, isn’t it?

Second one: In the second boss (the giant worm one) if you place a fear totem in the place where it appears stationary you’re able to damage it regardless where it really is.

Yes, if you attack a boss with a weapon he is weak against (using a shock weapon on Limorex for example) you should see the text “effective” show on the screen.

We will have a look at the first issue you mention as well. I think we resolved that in the last patch (1.2.3) but I could be wrong. What version are you running by chance?

Yes, placing a totem in the center (where he appears) would still do damage to him. This is a bi-product of how we created the boss fight, I dunno if we can change that but I will ask around here!

Thanks for the post, and thanks for playing DQ!

In latest version (10/7/2013 DD/MM/YYYY) non-boss monsters appear as resistant to everything as well. Only attacking them with their element type appear to deal noticeable less damage tough. I’m unsure about the damage dealt by attacking them with their weakness element

And I found another thing: You can skip boss fights. Once you enter the exit on floor 5x with x=1,2,3… you’re able to go to the menu and select floor 5x+1 with x=1,2,3… which let’s you to totally skip the boss fight (dunno why anyone would want to that but it¡s possible)

Hey thanks for reporting the Boss exploit, haven’t heard that one before!

We still haven’t addressed the element resistance bug, but expect for it to be resolved by next patch :smile: What you should see is that same elements will “Resist”, and opposite elements are “Effective”.