This 3.0 is Challenging

I think this patch is very challenging now rouge, mage and warrior are equal the only thing is how you build your set and how you set your ai setting.

Good luck guys … Wait my character in Div 1
IGN: -MeruLeX- hahaha for now lets farm all ahaha


Sharpen your weapon prepare for war

Only beta

Totally agree with this. Though average warrior toss /scalp build combine with tankines hold an advantage in s4. No more spamming cosmic orb to kill them.

Anyway im pve mode for now GL guys

same pve mode

Haha !

I’m going close to it :sunglasses: my Warrior has gotten better

Presidente’s warrior with 615k hp on arena + DPs Rouge vs. My 64k hp warrior and full Orb DPs Rouge . I got only 1 orb to cast with my rouge However after that my warrior can still kill That MEGATANK WARRIOR . Gotta have some tweaks . Wait me in Div.1

Hey i only hav 170khp on warrior and 15k hp on rogue hahah :joy:

But in the round stats it says 165k. And guess what ived prevent about 600k dmg on you. Maybe try me in 2v2 your warrior vs my warrior :sunglasses: , hope you won’t get a draw

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Ur so strong i cant defeat you bro . keep it up mate

Have you tried? Lol you can beat me mate :yum: .my rouge is only @ 300 hp. 1 toss and die and my warrior? Can you pls upload a photo in our fight ? I wanna see how my ai goes

Ok but u need is 1100 mr points so i can find ur ai . ur ratings is not enough

615K HP sounds crazy,how much the power :joy:

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Lol ! Your in top 2 eternal haha!

My bad :joy::joy: it’s 165.k hp hahah!! Sorry how much hp , was that in camp mode? Btw I’m on my way Mr.Prezident but I encounter a cheater that Breaks my Common to mythic Win streak.

i think there is some bug in hp build un arena the conversion is not right! Some got high hp and some got low even if their build is hp build. Before on the past version my rouge hp is 200k now its only 60k then I add to make high hp but its only 90k damn men. Hahaha

Its because +10000 hp is now + 7500 hp…

yah I know but I think there is a bug its not accurate

Pretty sad tho huhuhu

Hi! everyone… I’m new for this game… can you help me to build my rogue pvp… arrow build plssss…