This is it

Plus the trick i use, im using LVL 19 Character to purchase ethernal item, and having the higher chance to have perfect stats for PVP.


It’s not a bad build but is it pvp or pve ? Because there are a lot of changes we could suggest.

PVP man

Okay change items natures . To start.

Changing nuture is a bad idea

Show your talent free .

Interesting trick @Senna.

How about this trick?

How did you get this?

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How exactly does greed nature help you in pvp ? :sunglasses:

Luck i guess?

Satyrs spirit

BTW @NUIQUE i think im the only ine having 20 ar piercing

You say changing nurture is bad rather than nature… Then say luck, I guess?

Its for nuique :sweat_smile:

There’s a strange paradox… You misspell words then produce a response with perfect grammar :thinking:

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Very lucky indeed.

To both of you @Senna and @dickwad

“A” is far from “U” in any keyboard arrangement.

Nuture is not nurture. Also, greed nature is imperative for any armor build. @Senna’s item natures are proper.

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Well I stand corrected.

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Okay @Senna you have an immortal build. Your greatest enemy is the anti immortal build @Mr_Scooty. Read it and try to make your build a bit of both. I do it. @NUIQUE does it. Read it then check out hybrid guides. Hybrids are a mixture of both. But hybrids can only be created around your own game style by yourself. Hope that helps. :wink: I cannot fault your build. Your talent tree may change everything.

Na now im in the banned league, tell me how many % do i have to get that 20 ar piercing