This is not Heaven

Not that anyone cares, but this is 3 consecutive Eternal Heaven pets I have acquired.

Endless slimes! How many of them are there??

The affixes keep getting worse and worse.


I feel ya. The addition of the slimes massively diluted the useful pet pool.

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wow! :astonished: that is both awesome and terrible RNG!

(a few minutes later…) lol, I just realized how funny the Thread Title is!

@CPTcman yeah, many other players feel the same, but I’ve recently started seeing how useful many Legend Slimes are in builds, but getting 3+ slimes (at least, that’s what it feels like sometimes…) for each of the other Pets can get frustrating when you need a certain Not A Slime Pet to make your Build work…

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Oh sure!

Awesome! :rage:

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