This is the best game ever

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Yea that’s very true but also this game has boosted my memory because I had to remember certain concepts or abilities in this game as well as learn many things. This is why I like this game. Also I like how it’s very competitive and th3 harder the difficulty, the better sets I can make to adapt to it ultimately dominant floors and be high in pvp. This game is seriously underrated and most people in public think its a shitty game based on being a mobile game with cartoony graphics and simple setups. It really makes me feel annoyed and insulted. What’s good about this game is there is a steep learning curve so once you do learn, you will know a lot of this game and make really good builds.

This game is the best RPG game ever because of the way everything is laid out such as : hero points, stat points, talents (certainly unique), crystals/mythstones as very unique enchantments, affixes in general, formulas, enemies, progressing difficulty, having to learn what every affix/set affix does, classes are very balanced, battle arena and awards to boost rpg progress, primary and secondary skills along with mainhand and offhand and finally, competitive multiplayer and single player to push you to the maximum limit to produce the best builds.

Honestly, this is what qualifies as a unique and best rpg game compared to others. I know there is no story but that will someday happen and if it doesn’t, I don’t mind at all because I cannot get bored of this game. I know grinds do make me feel bored but taking a break makes me focus on them. This game is just perfect for me and I don’t see myself quitting.

If someday, this game is widely known to the whole world though, what big update would you put in the game? What’s also good is I can restart the game again and still have fun trying other classes. Also, I don’t need to pay for hirling because I can’t but if I start earning money, I would most definitley pay for it to support you guys. Another reason why people in public hate this game is because once they see that you have to pay for 2nd character, they automatically assume that it’s pay to win.

Keep up at making this the best rpg game ever and good luck! :smile: .


same to me :grinning: I play this DUNGEON QUEST game because of little similarity to diablo type game, and is the ONLY GAME that looks like it on adnoid/iOS market.

Although i spend more time on PC so play I Path of Exile the most :wink: Hope they keep update this and dominate the market :blush:

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Some additional things hat I really like about the game.

  1. Compared to a lot of games that offer payment. This game isn’t pay to win. No payment in the game can give your char a better weapon/ better armor / better affixes. The boost system grants boost on certain categories but it’s not permanent so a player that does not use it can compensate for playing longer to attain something. Another cool thing is you can experience this boost when you watch a 15-30 sec online advertisement.

  2. It’s offline so even if I didn’t have a internet connection for a time I can still play. So it’s playable anywhere.

  3. The game developer/admins answers queries on various things related DQ and post the information on why they decided to change something.

Yeah I think when you can that’s the first purchase that gives a lot of benefit.
Paying for a char slot is one of the best investment in the game for me.
You have a permanent slot that can offer 4 bags of storage.
You can try out different classes.
The hireling would help you on your campaign but you also need to invest some time on that char.

I have 6 slots :sweat_smile:
2 slots for full storage though.
2 semi storage and when I am farming for specific equipments.


i play DQ game through recommendation from my friend just 1 month before Battle arena released. i play this game at first just to troll my friend, then i just keep playing. this game soooo addicting. this game is just like Lego, have alot colour yet fit to each other. this alone like challenge to me to discover all combination viable in the game…

and this game not pay to win. i fall for this~


Welll you certainly developed very quickly. I didn’t develop as quick when I first got into it because I didn’t invest much time into it at thr time and I didn’t know there was this much to learn. At least now I’m investing more time into the game and trying to complete my builds quicker. The reason why I learnt more about the game is thanks to developers gjving free crystals/mythstones, played for a bit and learnt from the forums as well as play om the highest difficulty.

How long did you play this game cronos? I dont exactly remember how long I played but I believe a 1-2 months. Or 1-3 months.

i didt remember well. when i play. i thing the time is around when emman play lol. about 3-4 month i guess

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Also what floor is your highest? I only recently pushing through 200-300. I’m unlucky with the amethyst fail but I still farming as much as possible to get my build as best possible. I’m bound to collect mqny more amethsyts and rubys a well as elixir or 2. I’m just unlucky in dungeon quest this month :frowning: . I was also unlucky when i opened devs chest when i had near fully inventory because I was hoarder so I lost 3 elixirs. At least I am learning

at floor 900+ mythic 3. i can go further. but for now i decide to just farm for 2.1, there will be alot new thing and new item too.

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Love it, but super Metroid is th bestbgame ever.

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Lovin this game since day 1, and I’m on my 3rd week playing this game almost everyday. All above mentioned reasons are true. Game devs/admins always available if you have problems related to the game. People in forum share ideas/builds and mostly polite and respectful.

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Dayumm. Im still nearly at floor 300 with mythic 3. I noticed that gold is easier when fortunes at 20 and I have 3 fortune mythstones. One on weapon, one on a ring and one on amulet. Also I changed my nadroji ring to be close to the same as my catacylsm but with its own exclusive 2+ all sets. My genisis mana shield is really good for farming because with two of 2+ all sets on both my nadroji ring and amulet, I get druidic and plagued at 5 with blight and aftermath at 5 also. It’s helped me throughtout maps whenever i farmed. I still got a long ways to go with my build but at least I know what to add to it. I did neglect pvp until I replaced blood magic orb with plagued from amethyst on the orb so I can finally battle in pvp without blood magic ruining it for me. I’ve been converting so many legends its crazy. I think I earned about 10 million gold in a day providing I farmed hard. Normally I get 5 million when I play casually.
Also I add crystalline sword or eternalized to the farming version of my build depending on what I need it for. I am planning to add sanctuary to my amulet possibly and since my orb has plagued, maybe I could search for tink for druidic. I certainly got a lot on my mind.

I agree so much to this. It looks simple but it gives you that challenge and at the same time the fun of crafting and just farming the hell out of the game when need be. It’s also very good that the devs/admins are there when you ask questions. This is actually one of the few forums i’ve joined where the admins/devs have been active with their community so kudos to the devs/admins!!! Thank you for this great game!


Agreed. I have contacted Google play to put this in there no WiFi no problem section twice. Once I had a issue an they called me an I told the operator. She said she would give it to development or who ever. An I told the that the editors should try this game as well. To have it as a editors chose. Got nothing back yet

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Well said @DJETHRistcix
That’s another reason why I like this game.

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