This is useless. How could i give this to other player?

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you can’t give things to other players although it would be an add on that almost everyone would :heart: i’m sorry if this doesn’t help your question but maybe the dev’s will add a trade/gifting system but I highly doubt it.
Let me know if this helps or helped you out I would be much appreciated

So if i could give one to you what would you want?

well when it comes to pets i personally run with fairy for the “wish” ability because it helps me avoid a 2 shot kill <3 but in any case i would have to choose between a hound or fairy bc i like the hounds dig ability

Atm im on floor 186 running m3 trying to earn more legendary for dust but Eternals hoping for legendary/Eternal pet

Goodluck with that💜

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ya no problem thanks for the pos vibes ill let you know if i end up getting a legend/eternal pet
Lots of Love

btw what is the amulet you have equiped? all eternal but why the mythic amulet?

Its very usefull though even in arena so you wont get one hit by other player char… Almost all player uses sanctuary

ahh okay and quick question im in rare near epic arena any tips to build a basic build for mid arena?

What class are you using?

I have a lvl 98 warrior and a level 42 wizard so preferably warrior

it will cost alot of mythstone and crystal try the periphery weapon and epiphany bonus

The trophy looks okay. Id keep it

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@undeadkramz2 keep the throphy. Maybe the pet untill i see the afixes

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