This is what I think levels on crystals/mythstone means

I think the level on the crystal means what floor it first appears on after you reached that floor. This also applies on mythstones.


Calcite is level1 meaning it can be found, starting from floor 1+

Angelite is level3 meaning found starting after floor 3+

Quartz is level 6 meaning starting from floor 6+

Diamond is lvl11 meaning found at floor 11+

Larimar is lvl 20. found at floor 20+

Kyanite is lvl30. Found at floor 30+

Sapphire is lvl35: found at floor 35+

Fluorite is lvl40. Found at floor 40+

Emerald is lvl45: Found at floor 45+

Peridot is lvl50: found at floor 50+

Beryl is lvl55: found at floor 55+

Citrine is lvl60: found at floor 60+

Topaz lvl 65: found at floor 65+

Amber lvl70: found at floor 70+

Jasper lvl75: found at floor 75

Zircon lvl80: found at floor 80+

Garnet lvl85: found at floor 85+

Ruby lvl90: found at floor 90+

Amethyst lvl95: found at floor 95+

Obsidian lvl99: found at floor 99+.

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For mythstones:

Hero lvl21: found at floor 21+

Mentor lvl 23: found at floor 23+

Protest lvl26: found at floor 26+

Boon lvl29: found at floor 29+

Gift lvl32: found at floor 32+

Wisdom lvl35: found at floor35+

Clearcast lvl38: found at floor 38+

Endow lvl41: found at floor 41+

Haste lvl45: found at floor 45+

Death lvl50: found at floor 50+

Abyss lvl55: found at floor 55+

Rebirth lvl60: found at floor 60+

Flight lvl65: found at floor 65+

Quest lvl70: found at floor 70+

Fortune lvl75: found at floor 75+

Return lvl80: found at floor 80+

Time lvl85: found at floor 85+

Master lvl90: found at floor 90+

Zenith lvl95: found at floor 95+

Elixir lvl99: found at floor 99+

I’m not 100% sure if this is true but I think this will help newbies get an idea where these crystals start dropping from and more of a reason to go higher floor, other than better legends. Just thought I could post this because it could be helpful.

Maybe the level of the crystals also means when I convert legends or buy from merchant, it will not sell obsidian until floor 99 for eg?

Also I’m aware of the tier drop rarity getting raised every 100 floors.


great hypothesis but it may be true because you can still use any crystal and mythicstone even you are only level 1

The idea is that this floor is where the crystal starts dropping at. Even though only calcite drops at floor 1, you can still get ultra rare crystal from converting eternals (I just realise that I tested this back in patch 2.0).
However, even at floor 1, that doesn’t stop you from creating obsidian with 2 amethyst or applying these crystals like peridot.

The only limitation is what drops from enemies there.

Was Thinking about this what if you reverse the theory for example
Obsidian lvl99 : found at floor 99+ = Drop Rarity 1% at floor 1
same method I just reverse then on each floor the higher you climb the higher of chance to get a crystal then some crystal wont drop on that floor anymore.

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Yup this is basically true after observation by testing out new character for some time. Levels of crystals are where the crystal starts dropping from enemies and crates after I look back at the. Same case with mythstones.

Mythstones start dropping at floor 21 and hero mythstone is level 21 so yeah.

Interesting theory.

Tier rarity is self explanatory too .

It’s not too significant but it does help when you know where the crystals drop.

Obviously if you convert eternals , legends, crystal legends and buy from vendor, the rarity is the same regardless of floor and you can still craft as normal with any crystals below floor 100 easily.

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