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This game needs to branch out! I mean you need a lot more content. This game is so much fun but only up to a point. The fact that your levels repeat and repeat and repeat so early into the game was really bad and it was ONLY based on the awesomeness of the game that we ever ended up completing it and reaching level 99. This game needs more levels, more bosses, more challenges, more unlockables, more social aspects, and more of everything that we love about it! Make us want to spend money on this game. I love how I didn’t have to spend any money except to remove adds but I am more than willing to support such a marvel of an android game! Please hear us as a community of loyal gamers. You made a massive hit with this one! I will give you the highest compliment i can. THIS GAME IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE ZENONIA series all put together and we thank you for all your efforts. :smile:

We’re definitely not holding back anything, I promise :smile:

We’re a smaller team so content doesn’t come as fast compared to larger studios, but we do have high aspirations for DQ and its future. Next update will bring pets and inventory, and after that new progression updates will follow.

In the meantime, keep letting us know what you want to see, we’re listening :smile:

I agree to TS :smile:

This game is better than ZENOIA RPG series. ZENOIA has high ratings of downloads and contens etc…but DQ surpasses ZENOIA hehe :wink:


steig please make a pet that is available for golds. :unamused: atleast 1 pet. I really want a pet…

A BIG Fan DQ Here!

Dungeon Quest’s team might be little and not so large like Steiger mentioned, but you really see the love in every single level and the love and care to the players. That’s what makes the team so unique and awesome. Btw, I’m back to this game. :smile:

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Welcome back Floox :smile:

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The massive content additions take us the longest amount of time to execute. While we have new stuff we are working on, you all devour it so quick (which is awesome btw…Our community of players is fantastic) that by the time we release it we have to jump right into creating more.l. long story short, we are making new content and are working to make sure we can get you all engaging content!

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