THORNS affix of enemies

how it works? and
how to counter an enemy with this kind of affix?

I’m in floor 300 but still dying because of this

Its very annoying when my HP goes lower and someone hits me, so I’ll be die -_-

Everytime you hits, you lose 10% of your current HP. Ex: 100% HP after your hit becomes 90%, 90% HP after hit = 81% and etc. To counter you can use leech affixes or things such MP absorb + harmony

I have bloodmagic and HP leech, and also 1000 HP regen per sec.

How can I make a build for my wizard with full NADROJI (8) and NADROJI BONUS (2)

that takes me into 2k + floor

As I said, it depends of your HP, if you have something like 100k HP, you need recover 10k HP to counter thorns effects, so it’s somewhat hard anyway

You need to atleast kill the enemy with thorns on 3 or less hits. That’s how i counter the affix

Try to use Hp on Hit…

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HP on hit is very useful

Instantly kill enemies or kill them in less than 3 seconds on high floor. Also thorns isn’t a big deal since you will get one hit KO in high floor anyways and it’s wiser to invest in billions to trillions of damage.

Frozen explosions , crushing flames, plagued . Etc.

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No. You can’t definitely die with THORNS. @Clogon you already confirmed this right?

Nobody dies from thorns. It is the mob’s attack that kills

That’s right. It’s like crushing blow but you won’t die no matter how many times it activates unless you get hit by an enemy projectile or attack. Crushing Blow is based on hitting the enemy but enemy won’t die no matter how many crushes unless you have enough actual attack damage to finish them off after the crushing blow.
Thorns is when you hit the enemy also but it happens to you.

Correct. It will only do 10% of your current HP. If you only have 1 HP, it will do no damage.