Thorns enemy

What item to use to resist thorns?

dude if you are a warrior just get lots of armor as much as you can then select blessed talent

the moment you get at least 130k armor you will be %100 resistant to any kind of damage trust me

how to get that much armor? its up to you. Figure it out

Just kill them with 1 or 2 shots with your special.

100% Glasscanon, which turn you health to 1 will make you character immue to thorn effect.


:+1: it would be satisfying to see an 10000 lvl mythic boss cant kill a 1 hp char lol

I am running with a Crystal +500 HP on hit, and Harmony Mythic. my HP barely hiccup against enemy Thorns now. some day, I want to make a build using Masochism and Defiant to make use of the Thorns messing up my HP to teach the monsters a lesson.

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I kill enemies too quickly by powerful attacks and Frozen so thorns doesn’t even set and thankfully thorns doesn’t actually kill (unless it worked with masochsim) and even at 1hp with 100% glasscannon being immune to it because of the way the game works now. Even when it does happen, it isn’t an issue since i’m not relying on high hp for survival at high floors but using dodge/block.

Not attacking when enemy have manashield can also bypass thorns but generally you should always attack.

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well, with Crushing Flames + Storm + Frostbiting + Taunt + Blistering = killing monsters fast too, but until they die, the HP on hit helps for sure, even if it is for a few seconds.

I lover killing legend and mythic monsters but “gracious thorns” really get on my nerves on mythic 3 floor 1000 onwards. Sometimes I just open another map lol

I also have Harmony and Equivalence. that helps a lot. Harmony with 500 HP on hit and 250 MP on hit really helps. when I redo my farm build, I am going to switch the HP & MP around, as MP will be more important than HP at the higher levels. it is all about having the right amount of healing when fighting monsters with Thorns. the only other way to fight monsters with thorns is to run away, or wait until thorns are inactive and kill the monster then.


Even in higher floors like 400+ mythic 3 almost nothing can kill my wizard and rogue but only way to killed them is combination of skyfall and thorns enemy is a nightmare for me because of spending Lot’s of gold for resurrection

@goodlike10 I am at floor 850 M3, and I avoid Skyfall maps because I don’t have good survivablility, with only 60% dodge and running out of the way of the Skyfall splashes. I just had a thought. my HP is around 8,000, and Thorns take 10% of my current HP every time I hit the monster while Thorns is active. my Healing abilities (On Hit and Regen) are equal to or better than the damage I receive from Thorns. so my only problem is getting 1 hit by a big monster, or attacked by multiple monsters at the same time. if I had 16,000 HP, my HP bar would be around 50% to 75% when ever I attack a monster with Thorns if I had the same healing affixes as when I have 8,000 HP. just so you know, I don’t like spending lots of gold to stay alive in a map, so I invested in Healing. and learning how to kill monsters fast enough they don’t have the time to know I am there. :sunglasses:

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@Golem I avoid skyfall full stop lol


I have done a few Skyfall maps lately, just to see how I can do. mostly I go as fast as possible to Cartographer, then hope I don’t die before I finish the map, or the Skyfall will come back on. :unamused: :scream: :head_bandage:

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I just larmier my maps for pack size without skyfall nor enemy bolts.

Apparently, those start hitting pretty hard if you don’t have armor/resist.

Trick with sky fall is to max block and dodge, wear a sanctuary amulet, run and kill cartographer quickly because it stops skyfall