Time to learn a little more in to this game

Ok, been playing for a few days now. I’ve asked some for some help here and there. I’m pushing level 88. Floor 120ish m2.
I’ve looked around on forums for a wile now.
I have 2 green items.
Want to try to start building gear now.
What crystals and mythstones should I keep and wich ones should break down to use.

I saw a crystal guide but can’t find It again.

It’s called Rubik’s Crystallography I think. On phone so can’t link it easily. It takes a lot of time to build up enough crystals for a strong item, though. Early on you probably just want to use sapphires and maybe larimar for +elemental damage

Obsidian. Gives crystal affix(skyblue)
Amethyst . Gives set affix(green)
Ruby. Leggend affix(red)
Topaz. Epic affix(orange)
Zicron. Sockets
I cant remember the others haha

This has them all :smile:
Of course skaul has to go one step further :wink:

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That’s what I was looking for thanks.

One question about that it’s the arrow system he uses
I understand how to use to create new or to downgrade. But the question is.

The first one on the list say to upgrade to x
Well the next two say to down grade. So wouldn’t all three be upgraded to x to save for dream gear?

Basically, yes. That part is a bit confusing, but you’ll figure it out soon enough. You’ll also use Quartz more than you think. It’s the only way to alter Crystal and Legend affixes, so it’s essential to follow his process.

OK till do and next question is.
What kind of gear do you start with?
Like red or green? Or red with a lot of slots? Or is it up to me on what the base stats of the item are.

The green cannot be edited but all the stats are doubled, so theyre good but they have their drawbacks

Also by what ive read around here, eternals are gonna be changed somehow in the next update but not sure how yet so they could become more useful then

OK . Thanks for all the help.

Usually, the best starting gear for a build is great with stats like WD%+, ED%+, or set affixes like Rage our Momentum because the gear with it is the only gear that can get those stats. Like the Crimson Cover is the only helm with Stun Immune. You can’t roll it with Ruby, either. Slots in the gear already are helpful, too. Unless you have a fuckton of Zircons.

It doesn’t say upgrade to X. What it wants you to do is convert back and forth between the two lowest rank crystals again and again for feat progress.

I think you are actually better off using the lowest crystals for feat progress rather than converting for progress, but I still need to do the math. However, that takes longer.

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Holy shit, I understand it now!