Time to retire

I have a treat
May be can help new player in arena

Nature 5x Haste 1x wisdom

Goodbye All my friends


nice PVP build! thanks for sharing!

hope to see you again after retirement!

I hope RL will be just as fun as DQ!

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We never retire. We just take a break :+1:


LOL! :laughing:


Don’t forget to come back bro,your AI so strong in arena


So are you the owner of Dr. @Jonah ?

Your AI so strong,the greatest Battlemage ever i meet in arena,your tank can hold my barrage with highest prevented number

Kachans is legend,but his prevented under yours yeaah Lil differents,but yeah you the greatest
May be you Will be a new legend in arena
I am indonesian
Nice to meet you here dude


I miss my eternal Aetheral Drain wand I forgotten it’s only 2 multiple attacks just required. I thought before the bracer was much better. Simplified nice

@classic5aura31 in my opinion, Aether brace is better than Aether spark…it is the right choice, why? Aether Brace has a mirrorcast affix, which is very beneficial for APs users like Wizard and he uses the Apex of Epiphany Cap which requires Asp to increase his barrage damage and speed, judging from all the gear shared by @TinkerBell this build is quite strong, besides that… he using Alchemy and lots of MP, in my opinion this build is not just for attacking, but can be used to defend as an AI without running out of MP… because many users barrage minus the MP resources. he definitely calculated this… because of the statistics on the gear, this is close to perfect, but in my opinion there are still drawbacks… and I see 1 gap, namely the lack of elemental critical in the build, the possibility of giving the stun/paralyzed effect to the enemy is too minimal, so when being an AI can be countered by Anti stun users, especially battlemage enigma + Anti stun
The rest, I personally appreciate :tada:


Yeas its my char,
Kachans is true legend bro
Im only newbie