Timewarp on Hireling?

Was testing and reading around and yes timewarp works on Hireling to amplify projectile damage of the main character.
My question is about who needs the Heroic points and who needs the cosmic power?

My 20 seconds or so of testing says all the Hireling, but i dont have a load of time to test and I’d really appreciate someone helping me out haha, thanks in advance x


good questions, and I actually have a few more for others to think about or test.

as far as Skill Points go, it would have to be on the Character who Proc’d or Cast Time Warp. the Time Warp description on the Items says ‘… and increases allied projectiles damage +50%’. if the Hireling was a Wizard, then he would have a Time Warp 40 that a Wizard, Rogue, or Warrior Main using a projectile Skill could take advantage of.

Cosmic Power just says it increases projectile damage with Time Warp. I never thought about only one Character using TW for both Main & Hireling (even though I have read the same Posts on the subject saying one TW works for both Characters), but maybe both would need CP for the extra damage boost. that would require testing. I haven’t done much with Main & Hireling yet, almost have my Rogue & Warrior finished with Ascending.

a few of my Questions are (and I need to test them also, eventually):

if 2 Characters cast Time Warp, or one Character cast 2 or more TW using Mirrorcast, Elemental Set, Proc, do you get damage boost to projectile damage from both/all? and is this even possible? TW is like Storm, only one at a time, but I haven’t really tested either of these with their Proc versions, not yet anyways, it’s on my long to do list. imagine, a Wizard with Time Warp 40 with Time Warp Proc +100%, would have double Time Warp every time. with Cosmic Power, that is a huge amount of damage, if it works.

Hmmm i like your thinking, and I’d love to hear your answers

Personally im asking for WhirlingBlades in PvE, as with +40 hero points, the damage doubles of each enemy pierced, then with LivingForce and Blind side, it gets a massive bonus on the return, plus any enemies pierced on the return also increase the damage again

I’ve got lots of testing to do for the build but only maybe around 30-40 minutes total per day during my breaks,
Something else i need to look into is the DMG from Momentum, as it seemed to be around 25% with Evasion +20, which seems wrong as i thought it’d be closer to 55% (100% Base speed + 10% from Evasion * 0.5 for Momentum (5))?

Also testing on Execute damage with Demonic and Electrocution, which sets add flat execute damage like the legend affix found on Stheno, Apollyon, Revolta and Teslator… and which ones act multiplicatively with the Execute dmg affix

The reason im testing Sets is because i need to cut the weakest link so to speak haha, I’ve 8 strong sets but only room for 7, in order of importance right now…:
Frozen, CrushingFlames, LivingForce, Electrocution, Demonic, Epiphany, PathFinder, Momentum

In fact, thinking about it now, im not even sure that i need CrushingFlames, as the hireling will be doijg all the crushing blow attacks

  • i hate crushing blow on the main character as it takes away from the big 4 quadrillion damage hits lol

Edit: i ment Dexterity, not Evasion… my bad

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But ye, i appreciate your input golem, thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Momentum doesn’t count the base movement speed. only the extra speed from Sets, Skills, Affixes, Myth Stones, Mythic Affixes, etc… I did a lot of Searching :mag: on the subject as a Noob after reading lots of Posts about how awesome Momentum is. I had the same problem with the math you do when I first used it.

also, Evasion Nature is Dodge, not Movement. or are you referring to Dexterity?

if you have Dexterity 40 for +20 Movement, 2x +15% Legend Movement for +30% = +50%. that gives +25% damage with Momentum (5).

I’ve used Draught Mythic with Momentum for a damage boost against bosses (+50% Movement & Attack Speed for 5 seconds, 5 second cool down). this takes the place of your Mana Potion.

one of my early Wizard Builds had Movement +50% with Momentum (5), and Draught, and since I was using Comets at the time, +25% damage from Momentum, +50% with Draught activated, with boosted APS of +50%, so DPS was really good.

Execute Damage should be multiplicative with Demonic & Electrocution, and the same with that new Set, Mercenary, in spite of it’s restrictions. I think I did one Execute Damage with Demonic Set for a little while to test it out. the test was worth it. especially best to use that combo with Crushing Flames.

btw, are you using Cool Down to speed up your Chakrams with Whirling Blades? with CD +60%, you can cast WB every 2 seconds instead of every 5 seconds. tested and really cool DPS (not sure it shows well on Stat Page, but WB 5x in ten seconds instead of 2x in 10 seconds…). this will also mean stacking up Shock DoT faster so you don’t have to worry about how much Shock debuff you have at any given time.

if your Rogue is Shock Element, then let your Hireling do the CB & CF attacks. definitely better for using Electrocution, especially when you get enemies HP to 25% or less.

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Thanks for the info on Execute damage, i was gonna use all three together anyway and I’d forgotten about mercenary tbh haha, but its good practice to test it anyway :smiley:

I’ll definitely play around more with momentum

As far as cooldown, i dont need it since its a one shot build, hit one enemy stupidly hard so that Frozen set pops it and kills everything…
Frozen is pretty op because you can stack elemental damage, element critical damage and execution damage twice… once for the hit, then again after its killed with Frozen. This also works for things like dmg to elites and i believe glass-cannon, sets like pathfinder, etc.

But yea, fire on hireling to bring enemy hp down by 87.5% per hit, after 4 attacks thats 99.975% of their hp hahaha
Shock on main OH for stacks for Electrocution
Ice on main MH for kill
This is with minimal base damage on the shock and fire attack, because if i dont kill with Ice, then its a waste

Currently planning on using Eternal Ohmen Chakram as being an eternal it naturally has higher base damage, the Legend WD% and Epic WD+ are doubled so even more base damage, it has the Electrocution set that i want and the +2 stacks are essentially +50% damage compaired to the base 4 shock stacks…
The weaken is meh to me, i know generally its better if you hit multiple times but im not, so Effective felt better, and i can definitely find something for the extra slot haha

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my usual rule of thumb was to use Weaken +120% or Ignore Resist on any of my Builds. only recently have I thought of using Effective with Weaken, so that Weaken does it’s highest damage against all Elements. the downside for me is either going down to Weaken +90% & Effective for only 2 spaces, or 3 spaces if I keep the +120%.

on the other hand, Effective is good by it’s self, but has a hard time against Epic+ monsters that have Immune or Greatly Resist for the Elements you don’t want them to have.

other than that, looks like you got a good team build synergy.

I’ve tried timewarp, cosmic power and ricochet on a hireling. A frustrating aspect was the hireling would move outside the time warp to follow your main . So all the extra damage gains get lost.

The current idea is to use a wizard with +40 timewarp heroic and cosmicpower set (assuming having the set on hireling can affect the main characters damage when standing inside the hirelings timewarp)

So ill have a hireling with as minimal damage as possible, with crushingFlames(5), crushing blow%, aoe radius, etc.
and of course- the cosmicPower/timeWarp to amp the main character’s damage as much as possible.

Lots of testing to do, i noticed wizard’s follow team-mate ai is kinda bad, even tho its set to 1 yard, it still follows at 10 or so
Warrior doesnt seem to do this, i wonder if its to do with the attack range… maybe Scoundrel will fix this

Obviously the CosmicPower needs testing

Shock stacks for Electrocution set, if hireling applying above 4 stacks affects Electrocution or if main carrying the extra stacks will allow hireling to apply them…

I’ve also been toying with giving my main character arcane element Mirror images with Arcanist to apply stacks as the WhirlingBlades attack goes out… idk if that total damage applies to all subsequent damage or only to newly cast attacks…

Idk, as Venom said- “so many snacks, so little time”

  • So many ideas, so little time to play

you don’t need to actually be in Timewarp, your attack needs to either start from inside it or pass through it. this is helpful for when you have to move away from an enemy.

I have dropped my Timewarp on a mob of Epic Shrine Guardians, moved away, and started shooting. they still take the extra damage.