Timing of talents/ skills

Hi there

I am a young l88 wizard. Until now I have been wandering around as something like a necro.
I carried two sets of gear the first set gave me max health, max legion, max hearty and then some other benefits to minions.
I would equip this gear and summon my army of minions.

Thereafter I would equip my second gear with max DMG and max skulldra.

I would play using my minions to keep the enemy at bay whiles my skulls and I destroy them.

Now this is my question-
How do the talents that improve minions and skulls, especially their speed and max DMG, operate? Ie. If I summon a minion and thereafter change my gear.

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Looks like legion is gone. My main character is a summoner. He was a beast before the update. Now he’s a lot less dangerous. I like having the stronger minion, but maxing out at three of the smaller minions is gonna take some getting used to. Haven’t played with hero points much yet so maybe that’s how to make summoners stronger.

That and the new Summoner set should help out quite a bit. We’ll be keeping an eye on feedback though, but waiting to see how players like it after adjusting.

It’s not bad so far. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss having my little army running around. :smiley:

Please note my question in OP I fear we have become a bit side tracked