Tip for leveling from 1-50 in one floor, any Ascension, no Quest Mythstones necessary

Rush floors 400 very easy difficulty.

Epiphany drops at floor 600, crystalline on 350. Set affix cannot be obtained via amethyst

I’m thinking why not 180-200 floors instead 101, but w/e, it’s still good.

I don’t see too much point about complaining about no quest mythstones, since you can convert crap ones to these and they will remain forever (until you use to make mythic, but that is not the point)!

As a personal SOLO choice, I use crushing flames (6) (cause it’s guaranted KO on common rarity enemies) + aether set affix (5) (for element critical chance) + 6 quest myth (200% exp) + (Taunt and Orb + Reactor) on LEVEL 2 gears with 120% pack size at floors 180-200.

It just made me reach from epic ascension to eternal in less than 2 days. Although, it may cost some crafting material, but it’s very rewarding.

PS.: I had a vídeo to show the build, but I’ve noticed I deleted it for some reason I don’t remember, LOL

I did floor 201 when leveling trying to get some rare legendary drops. Only applies when new though since after a certain point they just become dust fodder.

Also as soon as you get quest mythstones use them don’t horde them. You will get them easy after a few weeks of gaming.

And as soon as possible make a hunter ring to start farming epics for drops and hero feat points.

To get to my point , just farm farm farm a certain floor like 200 and 400 repeatedly. 200 for the gold . 400 for the crystals and also chance on enslaver feat.

Although floor 200 is also great for legends which you can salvage for dust . This dust can unlock legends you never found from high floors,albeit with a fairly expensive cost but once bought , it definitely helps you; it is also great to craft found Eternals to convert to ultra crystals.

Wow, great info guys. So I should try to farm a bit more to increase my CS/MS before ascending I assume. Also, what sets does Amethyst not work for? Epiphany, crystalized…what else? Is there a list I can look at to show which ones I can craft and which ones not?

So how do people craft gear with epiphany on it? Do they find an item, then remove all other affixes accept epiphany and build from there? Same with crystalized?

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You can see what sets are obtainable via amethyst here.

But it’s basically what you said: You find a item with an affix you want and crart starting from it.

This is a super amazing tip. I have been grinding it out for MONTHS and I have done in a few weeks what it has taken me nearly a year to do. Wish I would have known this trick aLOOONNNNGGG time ago.


I remember when I happened upon it, I was just as happy as you :rofl:

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