Tip for leveling from 1-50 in one floor, any Ascension, no Quest Mythstones necessary

Hey guys, just thought I would post a tip I’ve found extremely helpful in getting me through all the leveling after ascending. Like many of the nuances of this game, I stumbled on this accidentally :smiley: :smiley:

You’ll go from level 1-50 in one map, faster than other methods I’ve found on this forum (though I haven’t done an extremely thorough search!) and it’s also a relatively fast way to help get even back to 99, though that will take a bit more time.

There’s one requirement: the character you want to quickly level up must already be level 99. So, basically, you have a level 99 character who is ready to Ascend and you want to get him/her to level 50+ ASAP.

P.s. I really apologize if this tip has been posted elsewhere, I wasn’t able to find it as I was searching through the forums when I was previously looking for leveling tips, though I did find info on putting Quest Mythstones in lvl 1 gear etc.

Also, it doesn’t matter what Ascension you’re on, first one or 7th, you’ll still get up to ~50s in one map.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make your farming character / any hard-hitting character you have as your main. Make the level 99 character that you’re about to Ascend as your hireling.

  2. Go to level 101 Mythic 3 (or as high a difficulty as possible that you’re able to quickly farm with your main, level 101 though).

  3. Buy a map for this level, convert it with Larimars until you get the Pack Size attribute and then use Diamonds to get 120%+ Pack Size on it. The other attributes don’t matter much but you probably don’t want Skyfall or TNT Drops for the sake of you’re baby-to-be hireling.

  4. Open the map. Ascend your hireling. Farm away and watch the fireworks! Note that you’re newly-Ascended hireling will probably die a couple times, but just keep reviving it right away. He’ll learn the ropes soon enough! (Note: to reduce you’re hireling’s deaths you can change his AI settings so he doesn’t attack and put his early stat points all into HP :))

Side tip: Kill every enemy minion on the floor to make the most out of this method. Your hireling will level up much slower after you move on to the next map / floor. However, future floors using this method are still pretty fast and I do all my leveling this way, 1-99.

Extra info:

You get max Experience beginning at floor level 101 for any given difficulty, so the Exp amount you’ll get for floors 101-200+ are all the same.

But that’s not the only reason I’ve found for choosing level 101. For some reason, levels 101-110 appear to always have very narrow hallways throughout the level, with a minimal number of large open spaces. These large spaces / living rooms take longer to farm as you have to encircle the whole room catching minions. For whichever reason, 90% of the cartographer floors above the 110s seem to have many more of these large open spaces. I don’t know if that’s 100% true but it’s just what I’ve noticed. The Hallways in the low-100’s make for very fast clearing though as the narrow-er passageways work to squeeze and condense the minions together for your farming entertainment. I’ve generally found this effect to be extremely helpful, especially if I’m using KnightsCharge, Whirlwind, or some other narrow AoE skill on my main character.

Last tip - although Quest Mythstones and Experience Shrines aren’t needed for this, they would super charge this method. Especially if you have the Enshrined Ascension Perk active! If you have plenty of Zircon Crystals and Quest Mythstones you can put them in your hirelings lvl 1 gear to really get them going.

Hope this is helpful to someone. Love you guys :wedding:


Thanks for the tips man, I’m in my second ascension and your tips help me a lot :smile:
I’m actually leveling with 2 Quest Mightstones in ring and neck on my main and it’s pretty fast ^^

For the floors 101-110 it’s the same for me, there is more large open spaces

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Happy to help my friend :smile: :smile:

Nice tip, man.

Does Jesus really save, though? I mean, he does a nice job on my garden. :sunglasses:

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Tried it today, got about 20 levels the first map, no quest runes. Either I did something wrong or something has changed since you last did this. Took me about 15 maps (floors 201-215 M3) to get level 50. Nice suggestion though.

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@stryder make sure you’re on levels 101-110 hopefully that will help! The lowest I’ve gained through this was 35 levels, but when you move on to the next floor it will be much slower. I always stick to 101-110 M3 though and get to 50 easily

Edit: the lowest I’ve gotten in the first map is actually to level 37, on Eternal Ascensions on both my Mage and Rogue :smile:

@skaul yes He does save! “For “all who call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.”” Romans‬ ‭10:13‬


Have tried it many months ago (before this was posted) and I could say this really works. Well, to me I did’nt rely on this technique cuz I already have a fulll farm set for experience only (for Ascending) This tip is really good for those who are lacking resources (mythstones that is needed for building a farm set experience.

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Also don’t forget maps with packsize +100% or higher. Exp will skyrocket with that mass of monsters.

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Hi guys, I did exactly what was mentioned above.

1: make dps main character and ascending character to hireling.
2: go map 101 m3 and get a challenge map for 101 m3
3: open the map then ascend the hireling
4: start the bloodbath.

Have i miss any steps?

Tried it for twice to ascend.
However , took me 3 x level 101 with +140% packsize maps and it only brings me to level 19 max. I even have 6 x quest stones on my gears.

Your help and advice will be greatly appreciated .

Leaf, I hope you’re well. I can’t say exactly what the problem is, but there is likely something missing. Here’s what I’d recommend:

  1. Just like you did, your farming / high dmg character is main, your hireling is the one ready to ascend

  2. Buy a map, any floor level 101 or above, doesn’t matter which number

  3. Use diamond crystals to change the affixes on the map you just bought. You’re looking for the Pack Size affix. Once you roll it, use Larimar crystals to roll the highest % Pack Size you can, 150 is max so I typically aim for 130+%

  4. Open the map.

  5. Once you start the level, ascend your hireling. So he/she will now be level 1. You must ascend your hireling after opening the map you just rerolled, not before.

  6. Start killing enemies. Your hireling will die a lot, but stop killing enemies and revive it when it does. without delay because it doesn’t accrue any experience while it’s dead.

  7. It should level up very fast now on this floor. But, only on this floor. Once you move on to any other floor / map / level you will lose this rapid exp boost and will level up as normal. The reason I say floor 101 is because lower level floors are larger in size, meaning more enemies, meaning more boosted exp :smile:


Yes, as I had mentioned in my post and what you had just replied. It looks pretty much the same. Only difference is my hireling didn’t die at all in both the tries, probably its at 101 m3. Both maps aremail done above 140% packsize which is 10% or 20% additonal then your guide.

@leaf the more u ascend the more xp is required to gain lvl … maybe the xperience required to lvl is giving you a feeling of slow xp

ya dis is my fav method i was doin dis since 2.0 too 101 is my fav map to grind xp … in lvl 1 i would use ice mh wep (very easy mode) den kill mobs 1 mob gives me like tons of xp at low lvl den i inc the difficulty lvl as i go lvl up higher… nc guide though

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Hi Roy, are we speaking the same language? Here we are talking about xp with hireling as dps however your reply sure make me feel that you don’t know what you’re talking about or even understand the conversation before jumping in to comment.
No offence, i do appreciate that you bother to say something but please understand the conversation before commenting.
Irrelevant comments will lead to misunderstanding and wastage of bandwidth.

@leaf well in my comment der i was doin it without hireling thats the time when i only got 1 char slot dont bother reading it if you dont like

I just want to tell u that it might be because of the xp required to lvl cuz as u know u need more xp to lvl the more you ascend

WITH/ WITHOUT a hireling the xp will be slower if u ascend more compare to your 1st ascend


Does this method still work, or is there a better one out now? If it does, is floor 101 still the best, or have they raised XP gains on higher floors?

I once used my skullshield trick on wiz to quickly gain levels upon ascending.

I just let my wiz go lvl 99, activate my skullshield wc does a 3b dmg per hit(deadly strike of sureshot)

Ascend the wiz, and walk through enemies… lol

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I think the experience stat in the map affects trash mobs too. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it always felt faster when the experience stat on the map was higher then 800%

Wow that’s similar to one of my guides but it’s extremely helpful . Still the only difference is no quest stones.

I do think it’s much quicker with quest stones though and it definitely makes a massive difference by months or so as well as time invested. Although if it’s level 1 to 50, it’s not always a big deal if you know what you’re doing but it still definitely speeds it up.

Doing Solo Mode EXP Gain on floors like 101 is great for packsize and for levels 1-50 and higher.

Mythic 3, epiphany + exp gain , exp gain shrine + shop boost. 250% exp gain. 350% with shrine and 450% with boost. The hidden 175% exp gain from mythic 3 is added so it could be 625% exp gain hidden.

I do remember the good old days of being able to get above 1k% EXP Gain but understandably it was too OP so it’s nerfed.

Then there’s Nadroji bonus, 140%+ packsize or so and then crammed rooms like @JesusSaves mentions. Floor 200 was great for me simply because the packsize is great as well as EXP Gain but I guess floor 101 might be better in terms of crammed spaces but of course I never thought that far.

Thanks all. @CuzegSpiked, my trouble with quest mythstones is that I don’t have any. I just made it to 99 on my first run and have very few crystals/mythstones to do any type of XP boosting, or craft any type of XP set. Should I ascend to get the perk, or try to quest further and farm more crystals/mythstones?

How do you break the barrier the first time? It seems it’s a vicious cycle: need crystals/mythstones to make sets, and be able to farm more XP/crystals/mythstones. But if you don’t have any in the first place, it’s a tall order for someone like me just starting out. Not sure on what the best strategy is at my current level.

Lastly, where do you get these sets like epiphany, cryastalized, etc…? Can I craft them eventually when I have CS/MS, or do I need to farm above a certain floor for them to drop?

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