Tips: Crafting Themes, Item, Affix & Link

So Here im going to share some NOT SO GUIDE thing but little bit my secret crafting and build method.

  1. Deciding your build themes. THIS is my very first thing i do before creating/crafting. This alone will guide you to the build u want. If you notice GreenGarden, Lohko, God Warth: Power Drive, Frustating, aphrodite and Fortune Bringer all have their Secret Themes. Usually those secret theme become their name. lol.

2.Item Or Equipped Set. I usually will only use item for the effect because im not really so into with powerful affix like +%ED legend affix and so on. IMHO OP affix cant always beat BEAT absolute effect like vial coat 100% crit and E.Crit. ive some more example for that but not actually want to tell lol. On this part (Choosing item, u strictly need to consider overall build themes, affix and link) u will learn thar later on when u PLAY MORE.

3.Affix, this part u will need ro minimize your slot adfix usage in every equipped item, for example crit. u can yse vial if your toon is rogue. see, u have 1 empty affix to fill it with something more useful. some affix have cap so there also few affix that you can actually use as combination to have same or even powerful effect that the original affix. (this you will learn, i cant help you with this. you will learn this when you read and understand all affix effecr and it benefit. )you need ro help your self on this part.

4.Link. THIS GO ALONG WITH THEMES, all mt build are strictly follow this rule. it become my trademark tho, if you look at all build guide i post, each of the affix actually linked ro each other. and focus only to the THEME of the build, for example, LOHKO. from the skill, item affix and set, all only lead into 1, Guidedshot. in my build there is no SO-SO or 50-50 between tankiness and DPS, if it designed to kill, then the affix link strictly for dps propose, if it designed for tankiness and tank, only defense affix used for it.

Hope this small tips can help you craft your desired build.


hi there…umm…i’m planning to build a killing machine for pve and pvp but with survival…is this even possible? since from your tips there is no 50-50. any advice? here are my builds so far and i dont know where to go from here