Tips for new gamers

This is my opinion only and i will share it to all specialy to the new gamers of DQ hope this can help you

  1. read and understand the codex
  2. read and understand what you want to know in the forum
  3. farm hard and keep keeping crystal
    Because this is the most important you will use to craft powerful item
  4. mythstone specially “ELIXER” this is the last and hardest to find mythstone . Just keep it when you have
    5)For Crafting Build this is what i do
    5.1) get an idea how affix works each other
    Combo of affix makes your build powerful
    5.2) pen and paper + idea ( this is the very 1st important to all ) you dont need to waste a lot of crystal of you write your idea on paper first
    5.3) if you have an idea of what combo affix you use then farm the set till you complete
    100% weapon dmg (you cant find this affix using ruby) farm it till you have
    Defiant (this is a set affix(color green) 99.9% in eternal league have this because of boosting dmg and damage reduction) also you cant find this via crystal amethis so farm and keep it
    5.4) you completed the set ?? Then craft it. How to craft ??
    1st use crystal peridot to maximize item lvl (makes sure the item is lvl 100)
    2nd use crystal emerald till reach the max 25% quality of the item( item that have max quality have a great chance to perfect roll the affix ( correcte if i wrong )
    3rd use crystal kyanite to remove all affix except legend affix or set that you have in your idea
    4th use diamond till perfect the legend affix like 100% weapon dmg ( 100pcs is not enough to perfect roll all legend affix )
    5th pray before use the crystal obsodian :laughing: ( beacuse wasting a lot of obsidian makes you angry)
    6th use crystal 4zircon if your idea have a mythic skill then socket to the mythstone to have mythic skill
    7th if you havent set affix (color green) in the item
    Use crystal amethis
    8th epic affix( color brown)
    Use crystal angelite (not topaz) rare crystal topaz for epic affix is a wasting crystal
    Use angelite till have any epic affix
    9th use crystal larimar to change the epic affix to the one you need or you have on your idea
    25% total mp (epic affix)
    10% deadly strike

You need 10000 HP and 5000 weapon dmg

Use it til have atleast one you will need

10th use crystal saphire to another epic affix till you have the second epic affix you will need

11th use flourite to perfectly roll the epic affix

12th use crystal citrine to got the talent you want
13th use crystal beryl to got the nature you want ( all of the elements) i sujest because of boosting dmg but its up to you what you want

:laughing:then you finish the one item
Get the another item then craft it till you finish your idea

Thanks for reading and goodluck to crafting,hope you create a powerful build :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Hope this will help you :laughing::laughing:

Athena chloe


100 years later…

“Ok I think I can move to 5.2”


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Idea like set combo :laughing: you can gain idea from reading in this forum ex arcanist ascendant combo

It depends on what fairly suits on your build. There’s a lot of certain situations that needs to be considered. For example; Manashield type Wizard needs a lot more load of MP than HP. And also Wizards rely much more in MP since he’s getting a bunos of All resists for every bit of MP points. And also you forgot to mention +5000 ED (flat ED) and ED% (ex. 100%) those are important things that need to be added :smile: by the way, good tip all the way!

Good advice! I prefer colour coded spreedsheet with mathematical calculations like the below:

Damn that is one hell of a high def screenshot. XD It matters little since it is an unupdated spreedsheet with old bug testing builds.


10000 HP and 5000 weapon dmg are my example of epic affix only :laughing::laughing: its up to the player whay affix did they want

I want to see tha :laughing: i dont know how yo compute but learning that i think i can create better build than my current build