Tips For Spam Hatchets Without Mana!

Hey guys i’m a newbie player but i can give you more tips how to use hatchets without mana but hp … oke i start :smile: and you check my screenshot for a simple cause my engglish a little :smiley: . :sunglasses:

If you’re trying to do the combo : “BloodKnight / hatchets / HP Leech”, don’t take the obsidian blade.
Go for the “Skull of Ignis” which already has HP leech on it, you save an affixe from another item, also, the Obsidian Blade doesn’t have enough good affixes, better make your own epic item with your own affixes!
(HP Leech also found on “Shield of Thorns”, if you don’t have the skull of Ignis)

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Okee thanks diieter for your informations :smile: