Tips on farming crystals

Hello guys i just came back to playing dungeon quest and im at floor 76 on legend mode any good tips for farming crystals with rogue?

Luck to cap. Gold Find to cap so you can upgrade lower Tier Crystals to higher Tier Crystals. +100% Item Drop or up to cap to have more Crystals drop.

for clearing monsters fast for their Loot, using a Flintlock with a good Ricochet Build. or whatever skill you like to use best.

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@Golem what happens when i ascend other than losing my levels and getting a perk?

first, your Avatar Frame changes color from Grey to Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, (if I remember right) as you get more Perks.

second, you need more experience to get to level 99 the more Perks you get (2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 14x is last).

third, you hopefully learn a lot about playing DQ and Crafting as you Ascend (mostly because you want to make a better build that can deal with all the experience you need to get the next Perk).

fourth, your Farm Build becomes a Super Farm Build, and your other Builds have a nice bit of extra farming on the side for free (except for the Battle Arena, there is no farming there, except for getting Reward Chests for winning).

you wont lose your Hero Skill Points and Experience, which is very helpful as you Ascend.

the Equipment you worked really hard to Craft to get to level 99 and the Perks goes into your Inventory. when you get to a Character Level that is half of your Equipment level rounded down, you can use it again.

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just got this eternal drop what myth stone should i use?

it depends on what your build needs. the good thing is that if you don’t like the Mythstone you used, you can use a Garnet to take it out and put a different one in.

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