Tips on farming crystals

Hello guys i just came back to playing dungeon quest and im at floor 76 on legend mode any good tips for farming crystals with rogue?

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Luck to cap. Gold Find to cap so you can upgrade lower Tier Crystals to higher Tier Crystals. +100% Item Drop or up to cap to have more Crystals drop.

for clearing monsters fast for their Loot, using a Flintlock with a good Ricochet Build. or whatever skill you like to use best.

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@Golem what happens when i ascend other than losing my levels and getting a perk?

first, your Avatar Frame changes color from Grey to Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, (if I remember right) as you get more Perks.

second, you need more experience to get to level 99 the more Perks you get (2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 14x is last).

third, you hopefully learn a lot about playing DQ and Crafting as you Ascend (mostly because you want to make a better build that can deal with all the experience you need to get the next Perk).

fourth, your Farm Build becomes a Super Farm Build, and your other Builds have a nice bit of extra farming on the side for free (except for the Battle Arena, there is no farming there, except for getting Reward Chests for winning).

you wont lose your Hero Skill Points and Experience, which is very helpful as you Ascend.

the Equipment you worked really hard to Craft to get to level 99 and the Perks goes into your Inventory. when you get to a Character Level that is half of your Equipment level rounded down, you can use it again.

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just got this eternal drop what myth stone should i use?

it depends on what your build needs. the good thing is that if you don’t like the Mythstone you used, you can use a Garnet to take it out and put a different one in.

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@Golem does the mythical skill effective do the same as weaken?

No.Effective weaken and ignore resist all do different damage with weaken being the strongest

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  1. Crystal Weaken +90% is best.
  2. Ignore Resist is next best.
    (these both take up one space each).
  3. one each Crystal Weaken +90% & Epic Weaken +30%.
  4. Crystal Weaken +90% and Effective Mythic next best.
  5. Weaken over +120%.
  6. Weaken over +90% and Effective Mythic next best.
  7. Effective Mythic and/or Weaken +30% to +60% is next best.
  8. Effective Mythic is last best.

this is just how I see it. but normally, Weaken is best, Ignore Resist is next, and Effective is last.

the main reason Effective is last is that on Challenge Maps, Epic+ monsters have a good chance to have Greatly Resist Element affixes (one to all five) or an Immune to Map Element affix and one or more Greatly Resist Element affixes, which mean Effective Mythic becomes a little less Effective. Effective is good in the early game and in Campaign Maps, but later Effective should be used with Weaken if you have the space on your Build. Effective Mythic & Weaken don’t work with Ignore Resist.

the reason Ignore Resist is in second place is that it only takes up one space and you only need one. also, no monsters are resistant or immune to your attacks, but you don’t get effective damage, which is the trade off.

hope this helps.

But Ignore Resist can be coupled with a Crystal affix on the same item. (other than Weaken)

Obviously there are a lot of variables, but could this allow for an overall superior item than going with the 90% Weaken affix?

the thing that makes Weaken so powerful is that it’s added after all the other factors are multiplied.

if you are on a Poison Map and one map affix is +2% affixes, giving all monsters on the map 2 extra monster affixes, that means every monster is 50% resistant to Poison, with 2 or more chances (depending on the monsters Tier) of also being an extra 75% resistant to Poison… which is your Poison attack only doing 12.5% damage. with +90% Weaken you’ll still do better than Ignore Resist… just barely (102.5% Weaken damage vs. 100% Ignore Resist damage).

the only map where Ignore Resist would do better than Weaken +90% is a Challenge Map with +1% or 2% Affix and a high Resist % (which gives a % of monsters on the map Immunity to attacks that match the Maps element). if you were on a Poison Map, then a % of all monsters would be Immune to Poison attacks, which would cause 90% of your attacks against those monsters to take only 90% damage from a Poison Weapon while you are doing 102.5% damage to the Greatly Resist Poison monsters 90% of your attacks. 10% of all of your attacks are either doing 0 damage against the Immune monsters, 12.5% against the Greatly Immune, or 50% against the rest.

of course, if you were using Prismatic Talent, Ascendant Set, or a different Element… or +120% Weaken or +90% Weaken with Effective Mythic… that would change things up. it all depends on the needs of your Build or what you want your Build to do, and how much space is actually available to make it all work.

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I have always used Ignore Resist and have shied away from “sacrificing” an existing Crystal affix but I need to try it, especially since the suggestion comes from Golem.

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I have used both (not on the same build…) depending on what I want for the Build or how much space I have for what I want to use. I’ve used +200% Weaken before (usually I go with +120% Weaken)… that’s a lot of damage! I should try +200% Weaken with Effective Mythic at least once just to see how much it makes enemies melt away. on the other hand, with Ignore Resist, it’s easier to have two Crystal +30% Deadly Strike (or whatever you want to have on your Gears).

like you say, using Ignore Resist has benefits to a Build… even though it doesn’t give extra damage, while Weaken gives extra damage, it can take up extra space if you want more than +90%. Sacrifice goes both ways.

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Dose efecrive and +90%cryatal weaken not stack?

They do work together, but don’t stack since they have a different function.

if you can afford 2 spaces for a Crystal +90% Weaken and Effective Mythic, they actually work very well together. the down side is that Effective Mythic gets smacked down hard by enemies with the correct Greatly Resist Element affix or Immune to Map Element affix. usually only the higher tier monsters have a chance of having one of these on a regular basis, and any monster might have them from the Map Affixes Monster Affix and Monster Immune %'s. it might be best to do +90% Weaken & Effective Mythic on Campaign Maps and +120% Weaken or better on Challenge Maps.


Pure "ignore resist* makes ALL zero, i know It IS weaker than others, but may It ignore “imunes”? If It removes “imunity” , my build crush zero resistances… Can Confirm?

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Ignore Resist - This ignores enemy -50% Damage from the Map Element, -75% Damage from Greatly Resist Element from Monster Affix, Immune to Map Element from Monster Affix and Map Affix. This also affects any Map Affix that boosts Monsters Element Resists. It also cancels the +25% Effective Damage from opposing Elements and Effective Mythic.

This means all attacks do 100% Damage no matter what Element you use on any Map.

the way I rank them is:

  1. Weaken - not only does this give more damage to attacks, you can still do Weaken damage to enemies Immune to your attacks Element. 2 or more spaces used for Weaken is lots more damage at the cost of space. because of the way Weaken is calculated, it can be used in PVP.

  2. Ignore Resist - at the cost of one space, all attacks do 100% damage at the cost of cancelling Effective Damage. also cancels Weaken & Effective Mythic when on the same Build. can’t be used in PVP.

  3. Effective Mythic - +25% to all attacks for all 5 Elements. although you now ignore the -50% Damage when using the same Elemental Weapon as the Map you are in and synergize well with Weaken, you are still affected by an enemy with the correct Greatly Resist Element affix and Immune to Element affix. this only uses one space and is only really good for early & middle type builds. should only be used on high end builds with Weaken. can’t be used in PVP.

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Ignore Resist is my baby. :baby:

All my builds include it. One tiny slot is all you need.

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I use Ignore Resist or Weaken based on the Build. the only build that requires Weaken is when Crafting am Ascendant & Arcanist Set Build. plus, I’ve only recently considered using Effective Mythic with Weaken in some of my more recent Builds.

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