Tips Pistoleer i am new

hi i’m new to the game i would like some help as i dont understand the attributes and abilities

I LIKE THE PISTOLERO EL PISTOLEER but I really don’t know anything. Could you help me with an item guide skills for a pistol to read for pvp that his damage is focused on pvp with good mobility please friends

I would also like to know how the attributes are added to the teams, the stones, what is the function of each one

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With pistols you want time warp as a off hand special skill. Shoot your bullets through it. You need vault. Check out @NUIQUE rogue summoning princess guide. My bad wolf build is posted there.You don’t need to use summoning but hey I started it and I love it :heart_eyes:


the definitions of Affixes and Myth Stones is in the Codex > Dictionary > Affixes, Myth Stones.

there are some Posts and Threads on the Forum that explain how they are affected for PVP Builds. basically, both get reduced to make Battle Arena more enjoyable, I think.