Tips to reduce lag

I play on a iPhone 6 and on default settings the game starts to lag once you are dealing damage that triggers a lot of visual effects and are dealing damage quickly. The game even locked up on me a few times. Once that happened I made a fee adjustments in the game and the lag has mostly disappeared:

  1. Turn off damage numbers. Unless I am testing a build I don’t need to see the damage numbers. This by itself will reduce lag quite a bit.

  2. Disable shadows. Depending on what you are playing on, you may be able to play with shadows. There are different levels so lower until you are lag free. I find that the lower levels of shadow detail make the game worse do I just play without shadows.

The following I just do because of preference and don’t effect lag as far as I know: turn off screen shake, set pick up magic +, turn off sound and music, toggle map to always on.

Set pickup rare+ is better when you have higher luck but it is a matter of preference.

Screen shake does affect performance in some way sometimes. As for sound, I turn off sound and music sometimes and use external music player but that’s just a matter of preference.

Yeah I should probably stop picking up the blues. I find that I general almost max out my 4 bags in one full floor run so I just sell/salvage and then check shop to see if any ultra rare mythstone or crystal is up for sale.

I also turn off the screen shake but misty because it’s annoying to have it shake all the time. Probably saves on battery power as well.

Maybe. But the best way to save battery on DQ is WiFi and data = Off (optional) as well as brightness = low , airplane mode (optional though no Bluetooth headphone would work then).Then other steps like turning off location , vibrate/notification , power saving mode.
Another way is using Greenify app along with it as it’s even good for non root users. For root users, Greenify and many other apps that really reduce battery usage but it really depends.

Generally DQ uses a bit of battery as a game which is normal but even more so on packsize map so to get more done in the game with the battery juice, a fast farm build and very little lags. Low Fx can help too.

For performance, Force GPU Rendering = On ,at developer settings on android. For iOS, well not many things to do and it depends. Also overclock CPU if you have root privilege but you don’t have to.

I like android but what kills it is the bloatware out of the box that run when you don’t want to and some other issues but after root, it feels like beast mode. If bloatware run in background , it could slow down the gameplay and make it lag so generally it’s best to close programs when you play and other methods.

I using a buget phone with 1Gib RAM, only set Low Fx and turn off music with dmg number & shadow on, pretty smooth gameplay it seem :slight_smile:

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This is applicable to all devices. I strongly agree.

LOL, this make the game boring, it will be just like playing a stick game