To all my dq players


Hi!!! good afternoon!!!
FIRST time posting here in forum and i’m enjoying playing this game hopefully it will last 4ever…



@D_MESSIAH yo’ bro Zaine here.


hahaha!!! yeahhhhh… how’s my AI?


@D_MESSIAH why you’re swicthing classes? :joy: toughest class and AI from yours is your WARRIOR. :+1:


in-order to kill other builds…


but for now i don’t have a good build for my AI to counter all kinds of build…


@D_MESSIAH but your warrior is enough to defeat all. even @Mr_Scooty.


yup!! i can defeat all players in arena but we need to have a good AI to stay our spot…


Welcome @D_MESSIAH you have been around for a while now. Nice to have you in the forum now. :muscle:


thanks Mr_Scooty… i’m enjoying playing this game…


@D_MESSIAH read all the guides. Then totally ignore them. Make your own build. And if the build doesnt work then revisit the guides. Experiment :slight_smile:


When you create mad builds you find some things work. Then you look at guides and think what will help my build. Then you make another build and read more guides and keep altering till you have something truly unique. Me and @Golem did it with seven deadly sins by bouncing ideas of each other.


@dickwad & @D_MESSIAH that was how I did my first Ascending Build. basic Legend items, did some tweaking and reading the Forum, more tweaking. I probably could have gotten my last 2 Perks without changing my build, but I was wondering what kind of changes I could make and still get the Perks quickly. did the same with my Farm Builds, and got stuck with a slow monster killing Reflect Damage Farm Build that I want to change as soon as possible.


@dickwad and @Golem i challenge you to push in div 1 eternal league…


just got back into Division 6 of Eternal League a few days ago. 5 was as far as I have gotten, and I wonder if the build I have now can get to Division 4 before I have to make any changes for upgrades. I will soon find out.


@Golem we are waiting both of you…


I am kind of stuck with a low batch of Crystals and Myth Stones, and I have need of a lot of them for 2 Characters I am Ascending as a Team, my current Farm Build needs a remake, and I will need to update/improve my PVP Wizard soon so he can keep climbing the Divisions in Eternal League.


If your in eternal league @Golem then we are bound to meet :smiling_imp::slight_smile:


@dickwad @Golem C U When You Get There :eyes:


@dickwad you can do it! reach Division 1.