To the cheaters (something something) btw guys

Just like to share my build.
I got this build for around stage 250 and now i am at 613…
I only have 1 character cause i don’t like spending money on games.
And i would like to share my build if ever some wants to try it.

The only advantage i get here is that i get a lot of gold,crystal and mythstone…
Killing bosses specially the Legend boss above are hard so i suggest build a mh and oh for killing boss only cause that is what i do but other than that you farm a lot.
You get a lot of legend items too and i always convert the legend items to crystal cause the gold are sufficient.that is all,kiss ass cheaters btw.

Its only 0.99 $. I’m sure that’s ok to earn. If you can’t spend through credit/debit cards, try using $5 minimum or whatever currency you have and spend on google play gift cards. Redeem the gift card and boom! 5 $ in google play to spend on hirlings and stuff to support the devs.

I used to have this mentality too of never spending any money but it’s worth it in the end if it means supporting an awesome game that continues to get even more awesome. Just food for thought really.

May I ask, who are you referring to as cheaters?


I see that your build is for farming and flooring. I suggest putting on a nadroji. I trust that you have decent amount of crystals now, why not put xtal affixes like gold find and luck etc. on your other items.

Try and buy another slot for your hireling. You’ll be surprised. This game is too awesome to have only one character, don’t worry its all worth it. at least if you get tired of your wizard you can switch to your hireling and experiment.

Sorry if i’m over stepping. Just sincere suggestions here.

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